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  1. I have two autos on day 20 that have been growing great in 3gal bags of Roots Organic Greenlite and water only. They have started flowering and the first seed leaves have yellowed completely.
    I have been researching and ordering supplies to build my organic soil and have alfalfa, kelp and crab meals; tomato tone and glacial rock dust. I have ordered EWC and compost but they have not arrived yet. Since this is my first grow I don't have any nutes on hand and don't really want to order any if I'm going organic soon anyway.
    Out of these listed, what would be a good choice for an ACT to help these girls out should they need it through flowering?

  2. An "ACT" is very different from a a nutritional botanical tea. An ACT is used to ensure high levels of microbes where a botanical tea is used to add nutrition.

    Anyhoo - a great botanical tea to use at any stage of the game is to simply soak some kelp and/or alfalfa in water for a few days to a few weeks - your plants will truly enjoy it. Use perhaps an eighth of a cup, maybe a little more per gallon of decor inmates water and just soak it - aerate it if you wish but it's not mandatory.

    I also like to spray kelp tea on vegging plants.

    A worm casting slurry - thick and goopy and stirred up for an hour or two will kick things into high gear too

    I don't have any nutes on hand and don't really want to order any

    Good because you already have them. Make your own liquid fertilizer.

  3. Ah...ok. Thank you sir.

  4. Different tools for different jobs...
  5. Jerry- since I saw you explain ACT and tea, now you have me interested! I understand the tea concept, but would you mind elaborating a bit on ACT? I can't find anything about it and I don't even know what it stands for! First organic grow started this week, everything is running smooth (from your help to get my soil started!) and I would love to learn more about what I can do once the plants are well into veg.
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    Check out

    ACT=Aerated compost tea
    There is a sticky that is dedicated to the subject here as well.

    I'd also pick up a copy of teaming with microbes ( I bought my copy off of Amazon for about 12 bucks) if you really want to understand organic gardening.

    This should keep ya busy for a bit. There is a ton of great info on the site.

  7. Sweet, thank you both.
  8. I put a scoop of my super soil in a jug, added a little kelp, alfalfa, and brown sugar. Aerated it for about 4 days then strained it. Stuff smells foul! I'm assuming that's a good thing haha. The plants are loving it so far though!
  9. An ACT basically comes down to having some microbes to start out with, whether they are in compost, castings - or soil, providing these microbes with an acceptable environment (high levels of dissolved oxygen DO2) and a tiny bit of food to survive for the 24-48 hour brewing time.

    Make these conditions as close to perfect as possible and they will breed.

  10. Yep the soil that I added was amended compost, castings, and peat. Not sure if peat should be in there but it's a small amount that was mixed in to my back yard soil bed already. I'm going to make some more next week. Looking to tweak the recipe a bit, but I think I have pretty good results from what I did last time.
  11. I'm honestly not sure how amendments play into the compost tea scenario. For best results I would advise sticking to plain compost or worm castings and a very small amount of a basic food source such as (1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of tea) molasses, fish hydrolysate and/or a very tiny amount of kelp.

    Microbeman is the guy to listen to around here - he has done the research and heavy lifting in this subject. Take a read through his ACT sticky and also through his website.

  12. Titan,
    I am currently flowering a plant in a 13.5gal pot with about 80% roots green lite, and the bottom 20% my own super soil mix that I copied from a thread here in the organics section.
    I'm @ week 5 right now, and the plant is growing better than anything I've ever grown!
    I haven't given the plant anything but water, and an ACT made from a handful of EWC and a teaspoon of moleasses.
    Good luck, and Happy Growing!
  13. Thanks Presure2, I really like the greenlite but i've seen more yellowing of the bottom leaves. I tried a botanical tea with a ts of kelp and alfalfa in two gallons of water. Either i didn't do it right or it wasn't enough. I did get some EWC yesterday so I may try a top dressing.

    White Widow autos...28 days


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  14. Titan- I had the same problem. Since my last post, I've spent much time researching and brewing my own stuff. Through trial and error, I found what works best. I had yellowing leaves that would die and fall off. Now I know my problem was not using my ACT right away. It must be used within 2 hours of taking off the oxygen or the microbes will turn anaerobic (from my understanding). This was my problem. I started a fresh pot of soil and this time I used Jerry's advice of soaking castings in water and watering it in. 2 days later, it almost tripled in growth speed. Afterwards I tried a new ACT (first batch I had no idea what I was doing!).. I used ~ 4 1/2 gallons of rainwater at around 75 degrees, I used pantyhose to hold 2 cups of castings, mixed in 4 Tbsp molasses, 4 tbsp bat guano (9-3-1), and 2 tbsp Indonesian bat guano. I corrected whatever issue I had, and I've never had better looking plants! Maybe this will help!
  15. image-2619700024.jpg

    I think it looks great, this one has been brewing for only 6 hours and has a nice head on it. MMJ plants are already fed, this one is going into my organic soil bed in my backyard!

  16. For mine I cut 2 holes in the lid; one small for the air hose, to hold it securely and the second larger one for pressure exchange. Took me 3 minutes, and now it makes much less of a mess when running smaller batches. :D
  17. Nice, I was actually going to do the same. It's foaming pretty good and almost bubbling overtop. Looking fantastic this morning!
  18. What do you guys do with your solids (in my case, castings) after the tea is done brewing? Is this more beneficial to use as a top dressing than fresh castings?
  19. I just keep it stirred up while applying it so I'm pouring them one the soil along with the tea. I don't use a bag or anything I just throw it in the bucket and start bubbling. The force of the bubbles keeps it well agitated durring brewing. When I use ewc as a top dress I always make it into mud and let it sit and get hairy for about 3-4 days then slop it on top and water it in. Either way the goodness gets in there so no worries this decision is up to you.

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