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Acryllic Bong or Glass Pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Potencies, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Alright, the title already says but I want some opinions

    Should I get a cheap acryllic bong? :bongin: (and have papers still)


    A small glass pipe?:)

    I would prefer a bong but because I can't freely smoke in my house, It would

    be hard to get a bong out of my house, while a pipe would be easier. Should I

    get the bong for when I can leave the house with it successfully and have

    papers for just leaving the house regularly to go out? Or get a glass spoon

    pipe that I can leave with whenever I choose(in my pocket)? (I love hitting

    bong, and have hit many of my friends acryllics aswell, I just wish I could

    smoke freely whenever and in my house:(

    Give me your opinions:hippie:
  2. I'd go with the spoon. :D
  3. #3 Smokinmeds, Mar 14, 2012
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    i voted bowl simply because
    1. it will probably be cheaper
    2. easier to hide
    3.still can get u really high, and will be more mobile

    a bong would be better if u just wanted to smoke in ur room and chill every now and then but a pipe is much more useful overall
  4. get a steam roller. all the punch of a small bong(without the filtration though) with the mobility of a pipe. now if you're not used to them it will be harsh at first but you'll get used to it.

    just make sure you get one with the bowl dug in rather than sticking out so you dont break it. and thick glass is always a plus.
  5. if your looking to smoke on the dl id go with a one hitter. and of those the sneak-a-toke is the best

  6. Go for the glass bowl, Acrylic bongs are just not that good.
  7. true that, im so disappointed with mine... i cant even milk it because its not air tight... i get much higher off of my steam roller. the only complaint i have with my steamroller is the bowl size. its pretty small, but it does have an ash catcher the works most of the time.
  8. guys should i get a beamer or a geo... :rolleyes:

  9. wait wait wait, a steamroller with an ash catcher? pics please
  10. #10 BlazeLE, Mar 14, 2012
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    this isnt mine but the basic shape is the same. the only difference between this one and mine is the balls on the bottom are green on mine and the logo is wrapped around the outlet (where you put your mouth).

    the little funnel at the end deflects the ashes most of the time unless its straight on. ive got a good amount of ash piled at the base and i just cleaned it last week.
  11. oh lol that not reallly an ashcatcher, but i see what your talking about i actually have that exact same piece.

    i got the green balls on mine too! except with a black label, great piece for a great price

  12. Know where I could look for one of these? :D
  13. Hammer style bubbler :D
  14. Glass anything>plastic anything

    Just get the best glass piece you can afford, the steamrollers are nice, a bubbler or pipe, just don't get acrylic if you don't have to pleeeease.
  15. I have an acrylic bong with ice pinches :/ a bought a glass slide for it though so I guess that's better and it works fine. 40 all together for it and it's good sized...

  16. lol my label is black too. it is really an ashcatcher but its limited due to the shape of the piece. still better than not having one.
  17. Pics of my bong for reference

    (This is referring to my post on last page.)

    Attached Files:

  18. your local head shop. i paid 30 or 35 for mine.
  19. glass all the way

  20. That's how much I payed for my glass bong, works like a charm :smoke:

    But I don't think that I have any place close that sells pipes. :eek:

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