Acryllic Bong or Glass Pipe?

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  1. Alright, the title already says but I want some opinions

    Should I get a cheap acryllic bong? :bongin: (and have papers still)


    A small glass pipe?:)

    I would prefer a bong but because I can't freely smoke in my house, It would

    be hard to get a bong out of my house, while a pipe would be easier. Should I

    get the bong for when I can leave the house with it successfully and have

    papers for just leaving the house regularly to go out? Or get a glass spoon

    pipe that I can leave with whenever I choose(in my pocket)? (I love hitting

    bong, and have hit many of my friends acryllics aswell, I just wish I could

    smoke freely whenever and in my house:(

    Give me your opinions:hippie:
  2. This can't be a serious question. Always get glass over anything acrylic. I would get a 2 inch spoon made of glass over an acrylic bong any day.
  3. I voted accrilic, but no you should make a g station instead. They work wonders save weed, and if designed nice are blendable. Get a bottle and insert a socket into the cap by cutting a hole in and melting the plastic. make sure it is air tight. Then on the bottle cut holes into the bottom. get a bigger bottle, fill it with water, and put the old bottle in it. pack the socket then hold a lighter to it while raising the bottle . unscrew the cap and repete till ideal altitude is reached.

  4. I used to make those when I was 12...
  5. Glass pipe for sure. If it was a nice acrylic bong I would say yes but you want something that conceals. I hated my little acrylic bong, turned it into a steamy haha.
  6. glass pipe man. if you are not smoking in the house bringing a used acryllic piece will reek beyond belief dude


    (Don't smoke out of plastic. Bongs ARE quite a bit nicer... but it wont work for you anyways. A decent glass pipe will be a hell of a lot more respectable AND work better for your situation. Alternatively, look into a small glass bubbler that could fit in your pocket.)
  8. How are you confused? A nice one as in like a 3 chamber tube one. Those are about the nicest I've seen made of plastic.
  9. You show me a picture of a NICE acrylic bong and I will make sure you get a shiny gold metal.

    (Hint: they don't fucking exist.)
  10. Since when do you need a glass piece to get high?And after all that's why we need bongs not to look pretty.

    I would suggest to buy a small bong and a big smellproof ziplock bag, keep the small bong in the bag and you're good to go. A 30cm bong or even smaller like a Molino mini, like this one: Molino Glass Mini Bong - Bubble - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    We made this on a festival once, and believe me it worked like a charm.

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  11. ^^ If that were someone's daily driver I wouldn't be able to take them seriously.
  12. You should go with the spoon in your situation cause that bong is going to reek but if you were able to smoke freely in your house then go with the acryllic bong or maybe even save up for a cheap glass one.:smoke:
  13. To quote a review from that acrylic train abomination: "The only thing I didnt like was if you put too much water in, you can kindof drink it, other than that, this thing rocks"

    That made me laugh.
  14. I however have the glass version of that exact same train and I must say its classy as shit.
  15. [​IMG]

  16. Whats that bong in the background of the first pic?
  17. glass > acrylic. no matter what you're comparing (in terms of smoking devices, that is)
  18. I would go with glass. Todays acrylics are expensive relatively speaking. No one makes decent acrylics anymore because there simply isn't a demand for it. One thing acrylics beat glass in is durability. And I miss the days when headshops and record stores had shelves of acrylics. You'd walk in all blazed up and be like "Whoa... the colors..."


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