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acrylic vs glass

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mike Oxlong, May 5, 2003.

  1. alright, i dont get this, why are glass bongs so much better than acrylic, it doesn't make sense to me, if they were the same size, wuts the difference?
  2. have you ever smoked out of a glass bong? they are cleaner tasting, glass is all around a stable compound, it doesnt get weaker with age and will last as long as you need it providing you don't drop it. acrylics wear out and crack, don't taste as nice, and aren't nearly as cool looking
  3. so its basically the taste and lifespan and thats it?
  4. yeah, but that is everything. except price that is, which of course is the deciding factor on the bong you choose.
  5. tru, thanks for the help
  6. glass all the way, so you can take phat, smooth hits.
  7. why would you even ask a question like

    i only smoke out of glass.... call me a snob but who cares.... the taste is so much better and cleaner... plus they're worked nicely and change color.... they give you a reason to smoke.... progression of art work... ;)
  8. tru, but i dont know wut would be better, a really nice bubbler or a kick ass acrylic bong. any suggestions?
  9. I'd get the bubbler because bubblers are so neat and they're glass! You can always make bongs but you don't see a whole lot of bubblers.

  10. i'll second that;)
  11. one is just as good as the other
  12. acrylics are harder to clean too.

    with a glass bong (no matter what shape) you just throw in some alcohol and a little bit of rice or salt ... and all clear after a few minutes shakin.

    if you tried to do that with an acrylic it would disolve! and would taste even worse!

    glass is by far the superior... but....

    they break far more easily. and it causes so much heartache to see the little friendly device that has provided you with so many hours/days/weeks/months of stonned pleasure and fun, lying there on the ground in 3 pieces. :(
  13. yeah, i decided that wut im gonna do is get a stone pipe, a glass bubbler, and a kick ass custom acrylic bong. that way i have the best of everything. and i will still get to smoke out of glass because my friend has the best ROOR that you can buy.
  14. sounds like a plan.

  15. glass actually does get weaker with age. its not a true solid. it takes forever for it to get weaker, but glass is kinda like silly putty and if you have glass for a long time the top will get weaker and the bottom with get thicker. if you have old windows in your house the same thing happens
    science is fun
  16. thats why i said as long as you need it. it will deteriorate but not while it is in the hands of a stoner i am sure.
  17. if you got a glass bong thats starting to get weak then u've been smokin out of the same bong for way to long
  18. unless you pass it on from generation to generation :D
  19. theres no point in buying a bong unless it looks cool because its soo fun to trip out atraing at an ill design on a tube, also most acrylics dont have slides, jusr carbs and slieds ore the best part
  20. i've designed my own custom acrylic and it uses a slide so im set

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