Acrylic or Glass ?

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  1. Ok, so my budget is probably about $45. We all know acrylics are way cheaper, so would i be better off getting a high quality acrylic or a mid-low quality glass ?

  2. glass haha everyone starts somewhere
  3. Glass. There is no "high end" in acrylic. It's all garbage. Check out grasscity for some cheap glass on glass bongs to fit your budget.
  4. i honestly know absolutely nothing. does anyone have any suggestions for a bong within my price range ?
  5. It's a no contest glass all the way...
  6. glass glass glass glass.

  7. the one you chose wasnt glass on glass and weedstar is a pretty good brand name :D
  8. ok, thanks for pointing me in the right direction . i think its pretty clear im a newbie.

    how about this one ? it loooks pretty good and has great reviews.

    Weed Star - Big Mama 2.0 Roundfoot - English -

  9. that one's out of stock but its another solid option
  10. damn i didn't even see that lol, do you reccomend ice bongs or no ? if not, why ?
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    It's personal preference really no negative thing you can say about it
  12. I would say glass too, but I think it really depends.

    Do you still live with your parents? Is there a risk they might find it and break it? Are you planning to use it as a travel piece, thus making it more likely to get broken?

    Some people may find that acrylic is a better idea for their first bong, just because it's generally cheaper and it's going to be less of a loss than a glass piece if it ends up getting confiscated or broken.

    But if you're in a situation where you can take good care of a piece, definitely go with glass. It's cleaner, it will taste better, it will last you longer, it will be easier to clean... glass is without a doubt superior to acrylic.
  13. I'd definitely go with glass because acrylic bong leave a nasty taste in your mouth.
  14. Glass all the way! You can easily clean it and all you taste is the bud.

    Acrylic is difficult to clean and it degrades over the's a waste of money.
    It also has a weird taste to it.
  15. Get a glass on glass bong.
    Just for this one reason. Upgrades.
    With a acrylic, you cant really add much too it, you cant make it better
    (I think theres an acrylic A/C but.. I don't know)
    With glass on glass, you can make your bong better over time.
    For example buy a bong for 45 bucks, use it for a month or two.
    Buy a 30$ down stem, make your bong x2 as good.
    Next month or so, get a 50-80$ Ash Catcher, make it 2x as good again.
    And then when you decide you want a better bong, you can hook the down-stem and ash catcher that you bought, right to the new bong. And have it be amazing!

    Sorry, if you don't know what an Down Stem or an Ash Catcher is but, they make your bong more defused and thus making your hits bigger, and better.
  16. with 45 i would buy a bubller, same thing as a mini bong pretty much but prob better glass quality at your lhs then on GC

  17. Best way to choose glass or acrylic right here haha didn't even think about the parental situation cause if your parents are anti-pot they will most likely break your shit which would suck if you just picked up a nasty tube.

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