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Acrylic grinder

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kaizerreich, May 10, 2010.

  1. I have a cheap acrylic grinder which has an alright amount of kief built up on it, what would be the best way to get it off?
  2. put it on top of a book and tap tap tap.
  3. Don't tap it off on a book that's stupid.. May I ask what you were planing on doing with the kief? Making hash, packing bowls? Becasue it really all depends but never touch it with your fingers, I have a kief scrather used to scoop it up but you cab use a gift card or like a quarter or nickle
  4. nah, its not dumb, unless you have a grinder with a screen its a crap shoot getting it out of those shoddy acrylic ones.

    and how much could he have in an acrylic grinder with no screen for brownies?

  5. Oh igotha I didn't know they didn't have screens.. I just know that body heat obsorves thc so I would never touch it with my fingers or anything.. I wouldn't tap it on a book tho, put it on something that is like half a box, like a half of a iPhone or itouch box, so you can store it in there.. Rather then having it just lay out on a book
  6. yeah, that and if you touch it a lot of it just gets stuck to your fingers. which is a waste.
  7. Fold up a piece of card, push the kief with the card into a corner of the keif chamber in the grinder, sprinkle onto a joint or use for whatever, so much better than using a finger which will just absorb a lot of it.


    pretty sure hes got this or something like this.
    they dont have keif chambers.
  9. Oh right sorry, didn't read through the thread, there's no point in that case if it's just the stuff build up on the spikes...
  10. you should invest in a new grinder, imo those are not worth it

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