Acrylic Bong

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  1. I'm sure that a lot of people will hate but I'm sure it gets the job done. Especially if it's a "party" bong so to speak.

    If only they made metal diffy downstems.
  2. complete waste of 35.75 in my oppinion but im a glass snob.
  3. Lol well if you got it because your friends break your shit then im sure it will be great for the partys and shit. you dont have to worry about idiots smashing it and you can see noobs not clear it! a win win
  4. Yea its not so much as a party bong but a lot of friends smoke at my house and i dont feel comfortable spending more than 50 dollars on a glass bong just to have it break after a month. I am planning to get a roor but at the moment i just dont have roor money. :smoke:
  5. A party bong? I use a EHLE 250 and have used it with friends. If they break anything in the house, including the bong, they replace it with something of equal or greater value. Fair is fair.

    But as for acrylic? Fuck, just get a cheap glass piece. The EHLE stuff is solid and not too pricy and unless your friends are idiot's, in which case, they can smoke a joint. :)
  6. y do u have to share all ur bongs with them? i have a 30in roor that none of my roommates would dare touch haha

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