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Discussion in 'General' started by Traxx2K_1, Jun 12, 2003.


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  1. Hello

    My friend gave me this pic, and i just went crazy with dis bong. Im gonna buy one or make one so can any one tell me where i can buy it, or find these items:

    1 Acrylic board that is 30cms long by 10cms wide and 1.5cm thick. (Black)

    1 One Meter Acrylic Tube, 5cm hole and about 3-4 milimiters thick. (Neon Green)

    1 Black Ring to cover the edges of the Tube.

    2 Black Flat Caps to cover / seal the edges of the Tubes.

    9 Smaller Rings for the Plastic Tubing and Carb.

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  2. wow, thats a really nice piece, yeah man, just go check out Home Depot and look around for the materials, you could probably find it all there.
  3. or buy a glass one......and enjoy your weed....
  4. i built one like that before, but i traded it for a lil bud. Build it dude if you don't have the cash, i know ya can do it. But its nice to have a bought one.
  5. If you have the money definetley buy it dude , if not fuck it jus make 1 them things look crazy, i wanna take a hit :D
  6. Thanx Guys.

    My friends reminded me of ma skill of making da craziest bongs. So i decided im going to build it with my own colors, but my only problem is that i don't know where to find the Neon Green Tubes, the small rings, the cover tops for the 2 front tubes, the large ring for the long tube, a black bottom board, and i don't even know what kind of glue i should use for this. As for the bowl i think i can buy one, cut off the top and solder a bigger one. (because of my past history of making bongs and pipes my friends call me Big Bowl Jake) I've never been able to find a bowl big enough for me.....LOL

    (i hope home depot has this)

    So if any one wants to help me out pls.............
  7. :hello: Wow thats magical
  8. Im assuming that will be similiar to a double perc glass bong which is completely out of this world. If your short on cash definetely build your own, but if you can afford it then splurge on a double perc glass bong with a diffuser. It'll be the nicest thing you've ever smoked out of guarenteed.
  9. Building it .. it will never be as perfect as a shop bought one but you will fall in love with it and it will be hella cheap compared .. so fuck it .. GO FOR IT MOFO :D
  10. ITS FINALLY HERE GUYS.... AFTER A YEAR OF THOUGHT AND DESIGN!#!@#@#$@#%@#$%@#$%@#$% :smoke:

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  11. Congrats, post a pic when you can.
  12. The carb is located on the middle chamber.... the first chamber gets mad filled with smoke untill u clear the bowl and all that THC filled smoked rushes to you.
  13. looks nice. have fun, sir.:smoke:
  14. did u build that? if u did, god damn :)
  15. Wow man, congratulations on building that. You persued the bong for a long time then.

    Well done, thats the best homemade bong Ive seen.

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