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acrylic bong or glass bubbler?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gorilaspaceship, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. So i've been smoking for a while now, however i've never owned a bubbler. I owned a glass bong until it broke, and that's what led me to buy the acrylic. But now I'm having second thoughts....should I sell the acrylic and buy a glass bubbler?

  2. you would need to get a nice big bubbler. The small ones just arent as effective.
  3. Get the bubbler.
  4. i personally have never had nor hit a bubbler but im gonna buy one this weekend!!!!! but i would say bubbler over acrylic
  5. Get both dude acrylic is cheap especially on GC!!
  6. I had an acrylic bong and it ripped 10x harder than any glass bong I smoked.
  7. if ur getting a typical glass bubb from a smoke shop from 20-80 bux at the shop DONT, i bet u anything the acrylic would hit alot smoother, i still smoke out of an acrylic bong from time 2 time and still alot better then those bubblers
  8. Its just your style man. Do you like rippin a bong real hard or just chillin back with a bowl? both can be pretty nice, just depends on the situation IMO. Go with what you want :hello:
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    I would go with the glass bubbler all day. I still have mine it was the first piece i got. It might be small but i dont understand why people say you cant get the best hits. It gives monster hits if you milk it and you can cough your ass off if you want to but i dont really see the need anyway. Its good for small hits or big hits.........Small enough to use like a pipe without water if you ever run out of water. It also has the ability to hold water for cooling. Wow! Very versatile piece of equipment. Plus its much more comfortable to hold and just chill on your lap. It goes and does things bongs just cant do. You can even fit it on a one foot tall shelf. Id like to see a bong do that....Act now !

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