Acrylic Bong Haters???

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  1. I've been smoking almost every day for 5 years now and smoked for the first time 8 years ago. So I'm no seasoned toker but I know a thing or two. Yesterday I went to my local headshop to buy an acrylic bong ON PURPOSE. I've owned 3 glass bongs in my life and the 3rd is a meteocre Pure which is at my place right now. I bought the acrylic bong to keep at my girlfriends apartment. As I'm checking out, some kid that looked to be in high school still started asking if I've ever smoked before then started making fun of my acrylic bong that I was purchasing. I've been smoking for longer than this kid (and some Grass City members who try to comment all over the seasoned tokers page knowing good and well that 2 years prior theyd never even seen weed) have even been in grade school. So this post is to get everybodies opinions on acrylic bongs. What is the big deal? I have hit so many bongs in my life, I know what they hit like. OF COURSE the acrylics don't give you that smooth glass zero drag that the nicer glass bongs do, but there are different types of smoking peices for different reasons. For example, you wouldn't buy a Ferrari to pull a boat trailer, I refuse to buy a $180+ for a glass bong to keep at a place full of sorority girls running around.

    So what is the big deal with everybody dissing acrylic? If hating needs to be done let it happen.
  2. My main beef with acrylic is crappy construction that could potentially lead to inhaling burnt plastic fumes. And its hard as fuck to clean them cuz you can't use ISO. Well I guess you can, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    But as far as not breaking and getting you tree high, I give them 2 thumbs up
  3. Some people here act like they're weed royalty, they only smoke the dankest of dank from the smoothest most expensive piece of peripheral.
  4. acrylics are nicer than some glass bongs
  5. I've got no beef with acrylic bongs. I used one for a year at college and it was fine for me.
  6. I've never been a big fan of acrylics personally, but they definantly get the job done and are inexpensive. I don't blame you at all and their is definite reasons to buy acrylic > glass. Some acrylic peices are pretty nice, and stone peices are pretty good too. Just the grossness and smell of acrylic over time really gets to me personally. In your situation I probably would have done the same thing.
  7. Dont see a problem with smoking out of acrylic there awesome for traveling and party's and such.
  8. I dont like them because of the taste I've gotten from it. I'm a glass man.
  9. Why hate on others' pieces period? Smoke what you like, like what you smoke.
  10. Couldn't have said it better.
  11. What Carl Sagan said.
  12. I've got no problem with smoking out of acrylic. If I'm at a buddy's house and he packs up his acrylic bong, I'm not gonna complain or say anything, hell I wouldn't even think to myself "omg acrylic, lame".

    But if I'm in the market for a new bong, its gonna be glass, in particular its gonna be glass on glass. Its what I prefer, it's what I'm used to, and it's the first thing that pops into my head when I think "bong". But thats just me. no hatin
  13. its not like your getting any less high with acrylic, not sure how you could complain (unless your breathing in plastic fumes... which in a decent acrylic bong you shouldn't have to worry much about)
  14. You can't really criticize how other people smoke THEIR weed. Personally I like smoking glass pieces, but if I were handed an acrylic bong with weed in it, i'd sure as hell take a hit. Only thing I would never smoke out of is a tinny or tinnie however you spell it. Fricken destroys your brain.
  15. I have only smoked 2 bongs in my life. I have been smoking coming up on 5 years next 420 :D. Well, the first one was a 1ft glass bong that I only hit 4 times, was smooth, coughed up a lung. The second bong was an 1.5 acrilic bong, was pretty smooth with ice added, coughed up a lung if you took the whole hit. This thread reminds me that I NEED to get my vaporizer fixed :/, vaporizer beats all >: )
  16. ugh, I hate weed snobs.
  17. Ha the green toker coughed up 2 lungs and is still kickin! I guess theirs still hope for me lol
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    qft. I found shavings in one I used to have. the edge under the rubber mouthpiece was unfinished, i.e. just roughly sawed. I also hate metal bowls. I would love to see someone make a small acrylic bong that would use a rubber grommet and glass bowl. then when I put my stuff in a backpack to go to friends, I dont have to always be like "no no no no no don't move my bag!!!!" haha

    edit: instead of iso, has anyone tried a degreaser like simple green? it might work and probably wont hurt the acrylic. or maybe hydrogen peroxide?

  19. Peroxide doesnt really work as well and degreaser, I'm not sure what simple green is, but I would be uncomfortable with smoking out of a bong that had degreaser in it. Just saying.
  20. Fuck acyrlic
    I hate grommet glass bongs but they beat the shit out of acrylic

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