Acrylic Bong Broken? (Pic)

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  1. I bought an acrylic bong about two months ago from GC, they are supposed to be pretty hard to break. I treated it well, and never dropped it, until tonight. I dropped it for the first time and it snapped in half. The entire neck is broken off.
    Has anyone experienced this happening with an acrylic before?

    Rest in Peace "Bong Ross"

  2. Never happened to anyone I know, I would get right on and try sealing it with melted candle wax/glus/scotch tape
  3. common man wheres you Red Green skills?


  4. I'm probably going to either appoxie it or just get a new one. I've been wanting a new one anyway. :smoke:
  5. Well I'd see this as a nice occasion to get some glass :) .
  6. Still looks hit-able.

  7. ^^ I was about to say this
  8. I got a good fix. Get a bottle (the bigger the more epic, Ie 1 gallon plastic apple juice bottles from wal mart work great but takes an Iron lung to clear, so you may want something medium sized) and put that downstem from your acrylic into it (Make the seal airtight, hell folded up paper around the downstem works). WALLAH new bong until you buy some glass
  9. *Update*

    I repaired it.... with duct tape.

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