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  1. I saw this for the first time last week and I was incredibly impressed. It's a musical-type movie but the majority of the songs in it are Beatles covers and some of them are really good. It's kind of an anti-war movie based in the 60s/ with Vietnam and a lot of the riots and protests of that time. A lot of the symbolism in it is pretty deep too so it's great to watch after smoking if you know history well enough.
  2. i didnt think it was impressive, its ALL beatles songs btw. i thought most of the songs sucked, i liked a couple covers. i hated the cast and the plot though.
  3. I LOVED this movie, but then again I really like Julie Taymor's work. I love most of the songs, and I thought the acting was purely adequate.

    Visually though, it's stunning, and it's worth it just to see Eddie Izzard do "Mr. Kite"

  4. I didn't know that was Bono in "I am the walrus" until my brother told me like a a month later.

    Now that I think about it, across the universe was one of the first movies, if not the first, that I saw high. Also I much prefer the Beatles covers in I am Sam over those in Across the Universe.
  5. I liked the Beatles already before I saw that movie, but I liked them a lot more afterwards. Good flick, well put together.
  6. great movie, even if you dont like the beatles. well i mean, if you dont i guess the songs could get annoying, but overall it was great. ive seen it atleast 5 times. i am the walrus and mr. kite were great in it too
  7. Haven't gotten around to watching it as I rarely will check out anything along the lines of a "chick flick" unless I'm just in the mood. However, I have heard great things and if the movie is even half as good as the soundtrack then I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy it... eventually.

    Glad to hear the community thinks it good too. Doubt I'll be let down then. :)
  8. You know, I had to bump this thread (there are other thread about this movie but this is the most recent).

    This movie is most definitely one of my favorites and I've never been crazy about musicals.

    This helps me to not only rediscover the Beatles, but to be honest, I really love there versions of their songs. My wife and I have watched this movie over and over and I never get tired of it. We've listened to the soundtrack even more. Just great music.

    Is the plot filled with some holes, does it have the best character development and is it the most original story/ if you think that's what this movie is about, you don't quite get it, in my opinion.

    This movie is art and art is what is missing from movies these days.

    Edit: And if you do watch it, do yourself a favor and grab a bowl while you're watching it.
  9. This movie is shit... it's cheesy, has bad acting, and the covers are for the most part horrible

    With that said some of the visual representaions are cool...esp "she's so heavy"

    On the other end of the spectrum some of them are soooo gay

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