Across The Universe

Discussion in 'Movies' started by abilities, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. anybody else love this movie?
    if so, any favorite scenes in particular?
  2. look, i hate to be that person, but i haaatttedddd seeing it. the way they made the beatles songs sound like mamma mia tunes made me ill inside. and taking the lyrics so literally-- ehh. and the plot of the movie-- hippies fall in love, blah blah blah. hated it. hated evan rachel and the ewan mcgregor wannabe. the effects were cool, i like bono and eddie izzard-- but it left a bad taste in my mouth.
    i love the beatles way to much for that phony baloney flick
  3. I thought it was pretty good, and I usually hate singing of any kind in movies. I think it would be great to watch it stoned.
  4. you dont think thers any brilliance to the movie?

    taking the lyrics too literally? thats whats so fucking awesome, is that they take over 30 songs and make them into a story, every word of it. and the little intricacies they do on film to infer to the beatles' and their songs (max with the hammer, lucy at the end being on top of the city/in the sky). you have to at least respect it for how it is written and its cinematography. and, i happened to think that the covers were done very well for an indie movie. of course nobody is going to live up to the beatles, but i dont think it was as bad as you make it out to be.
  5. I thought it was wicked, mind you when I saw it I was blazed outta my mind in the theatre and was just so entranced by all of it....I saw it again sober and at my house and thought it was mediocre.
  6. obviously, a lot of people disagree with me-- it was a very popular movie!!! but really, it didnt do it for me. im not saying anyone could try to come close to the beatles-- but that why you shouldnt try! ha!
  7. haha yea decrim, i saw it bakedd as fuck.
  8. eh..the effects were neat but i wasnt that into it. it was also too long for me.
  9. Yeah man... Across the Universe... im sorry... But if that movie did anything it disgraced a great group of guys... The makers had good intentions but failed lol.

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