Across the Universe

Discussion in 'General' started by drumdude, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. If you like the Beatles and haven't seen this you're missing out.

    Smoke a fatty and watch this movie if you want a good time:smoke:
  2. I didn't like it very much...

    and this is coming from a girl whose favorite movie is "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" the one with the bee gees and peter frampton from the '70s....They were both trippy but ATU seemed to take itself too seriously and Sgt. Peppers' is like an acid trip through hooha land
  3. i just watched it again today!

    i fucking love this movie!!
  4. I just bought this movie today and havent watched it yet. Probally will sit down and watch it tomorrow.:D
  5. I actually highly dislike the beatles, and I think john lennon was a dirty fucking commie bastard, may he rest in peace. Sucks he died though, he was a generally good man.
  6. i feel the same, but some of the music is good though.

    but you cant deny they were vastly more important musically and culturally than their contemporaries the rolling stones.
  7. very true
    beatles > stones

    i watched the movie in theaters while i was very twisted and it was nice. got it downloaded, gonna watch it again some time
  8. can someone tell me the general idea behind this movie? maybe i'll check it out
  9. Just watched it. Best movie I have seen in a long time!
  10. I would, but I don't remember too much more than the fact that I liked it. Watch it on shrooms and you'll love it.
  11. total tripping movie

    it's a love story set to beatles music - at the same time it's the story of the turbulent 60's

    stick some paper under your tongue before you watch this one
  12. I watched this movie last sunday and thought it was pretty good.
  13. I think I have seen this movie atleast four times in the last three days.:eek: Well, I guess I have listened to it more than watched it. Its great to put on while I'm cleaning house. I am a huge beatles fan but its nice to hear a different take on the songs hearing different voices sing them.

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