Acronyms for DEA

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  1. Diarrhea
  2. Don't Ever Assume

  3. This, except a two way street, unless thats what OB meant.

  4. haha thanks man

    guess i wasn't the only one who thought that was clever
  5. Drugs Equals Arrested

    haha yay fuck the police
  6. Dilaudid Ecstasy Acid.

    Kinda fail but it popped in my brain.
  7. Doing Everything Anally

    Doodie Eating Anonymous

    Drug-induced Exploratory Adventures

    Death Ends All

    Dirt Eating Assholes
  8. DangerousElephantsApproaching
  9. Drug Enjoyment Annihilators
  10. Demolished Egos Anonymous.

    Had to go get a little high for that one.
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    Drug Enforcement Admin

    cant believe nobody has thought of this..pfft :cool:

  12. Drug Enforcement Agency?

    No one wantedto state the obvious.
  13. lol

    i was jokin

    Drug Erasers Absolute

    sounds pretty intimidating

    like a team
  14. Dipping Evil Apples
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    Sorry I sort of broke the rules :smoke:

    edit: wait i can fix this...

    Drug Enforcement Agency of Tyrannical Hooligans
  16. dude, eat apples!
  17. Dude Eats Ass
  18. DANGER! Everyone Arrested

  19. roflmao

    Like, public service announcement. attention citizens: DANGER, you're all going to jail. That is all :D
  20. They've been known to go by FAG in "Nice going FAG." "Thank you FAG"

    Actually if you think of it, the Film Actors Guild in the movie Team America is the DEA.

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