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  1. I've been struggling with an acne problem for about 4 months now.I moved from Utah to Washington, and ever since then my skin has been horrible.I've tried about six different types of face wash. Nothing has worked yet! Not even my good ol' Cetaphil.Just wondering if anyone might have any home remedies that I could try out?If all else fails, my health insurance goes into effect in March and I guess I'll go to the dermatologist.Sent from my LG-LS970 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Water and exercise. I also went to a natural chinese medicine/acupuncture place and they gave me some shit called er chen wan. Really works.
  3. Try getting accutane prescription from your doctor or dermatologist.
    I'm on it right now, pretty good results.
    Accutane is very strong though, and has a lot of side effects.
  4. Have you been using each wash steadily enough to see a difference? Like, given it time to work?
    Why don't you try changing your diet as well
  5. Eat less sugar. Wash face daily. I've had great results with this face soap from Mary Kay called "Timewise." I say it in every acne thread but I'm just trying to help because I haven't had acne in like 2 years.
  6. Try using black soap you van find it at trader Joes or whole foods its amazing
    Maybe it's Washington? Try moving to another state and see if that helps.
  8. Lmao, move to another state to see if your acne improves. Now i'v heard everything...I too struggled with acne before. Tried every cleanser/foam/soap combo on the market. Had dermatologists prescribing me pills that didn't do shit. I exercised regularly and ate cleaner foods. After all that, the one thing I found that worked the best was the cheapest and most easily obtainable solution out of the bunch...WATER. They say get 8 glasses a day. Try it. Your complexion will improve. Your acne won't disappear over night but stay properly hydrated throughout the day for 2-3 months and you'll see results.
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    Also try not to get too stressed out op , it'll make your acne worse . Oh & put a clean towel on your pillow before bed & try not to stay up too late . :gone:
  10. When I moved to Washington I got acne, too! I had to see a dermatologist finally. She helped me heaps! It was really horrible. Braces and adult acne. Good times! Lately it's been so dry and cold my skin looks like crap again. I had to get the new cetaphil moisturizer that's in the purple bottle -the derma one for oily skin. It's helped a lot. It's $16.00 a bottle but way worth it!

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  11. This^ I have mild chin acne, but after i start exercising ive been drinking a lot of water which kinda help clear it up now
  12. Start taking Omega 3! 
    Acne vulgaris, mental health and omega-3 fatty acids: a report of cases
    Kitava – An Island Where Acne Does Not Exist
    Effects of fish oil supplementation on inflammatory acne.
    Accutane is nothing more than a modified vitamin A. So skip the doctor and try getting some more vitamin A in your diet! Carrots, sweet potatoes,  winter squash, apricots, mangoes, and dark green leafy veggies like spinach, are your new best friends! Try to include them in your diet every day!  Note, if you eat way too much vitamin A, the whites of your eyes start getting yellow and you can get sick:wacko:  Eat a healthy diet, with a serving of a high vitamin A  food with each meal. Dump the junk food and eat like your mother told you to! Have a salad with your dinner and a piece of fresh fruit every day! :yay:
    That "drink a lot of water" is also helpful advice! Border-line dehydration does nothing good for your health!  My "tea cup" is a pint mug. I drink at least 4 mugs of tea a day, usually more.
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    Well that proves it. 
    Washington - The Acne state.
    Must be all the greasy politicians., 
  14. Change from the "evergreen state" to the red and puffy state :)

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    Fuck that. You don't need to take a horrid and drastic drug like Accutane to fix your acne.
    TC, you moved from Utah, which gets more sun than Washington. Try taking a Vitamin D supplement. 
  16. All I use is retina-a topical cream. That's what my dermatologist gave me. And a water pill that reduces oil in the skin. Nothing crazy. You have to drink lots of water, like everyone said :)

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  17. And vitamin D. True dat!

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  18. Sometimes if the acne is real bad, accutane is a good option.  The sides aren't as bad as people make it to be.
    If you have horrible cystic acne and you can't pinpoint the cause. Go on accutane.
    If not try putting coconut oil on your face for 10-15 minutes before.  Then wash off with a scrub that has salicylic acid in it.  Than you can use a natural astringent like witch hazel with a cotton face pad afterwards.
    Accutane is never a good option and it's toxic to the liver. There is no biological reason why someone wouldn't be able to fix their acne naturally. 
    Accutane causes severe depression in some people and can lead to suicide. I can't in all good conscience recommend a medication like that. 
  20. eat more HDL cholesterol and less LDL
    stop touching your face with your dirty ass hands
    lift weights and get some pussy (or jerk off)
    stop using so many chemical products

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