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  1. When it comes to drugs i know my stuff. Now i dn't think i know everything but i have a pretty good knowledge about every ordinary drug but not really chemicals and fucked up shit. But i was never certain about this. There is only 1 type of acid right? I was reading something a little while ago and this person was talking about white fluff. I always get amazing acid but i don't see how there could be different types if its all the same chemicla construction...anyone know the answer?
  2. Yeah dude LSD-25 is LSD-25, a single chemical. They could be different potencies though, but not a different "type".
  3. yeah also they could mean a different medium for taking the acid, it could be blotter or liquid or cubes, whatever, but still the same chemical.
  4. There are forms of natural acid i've heard of, my cousin does it, but i dont know much beyond that.

    (so pretty much ignore what i said)
  5. It could be reffering to a certain dose. some blotters have higher/lower doses than others. But yea, acid is LSD-25; theres only one.
  6. I think thats LSA rather than LSD, we derive LSD from LSA (which occurs in nature) but they arent the same, but i could be mistaken.
  7. ur totally right about that. LSA is the natural form of LSD. to make LSD you need to have some form of extract of LSA. LSD is just a chemical that can be produced in a lab.
  8. LSA and LSD are two completely different chemicals, you dont need LSA to make LSD.

    As for the question.. There are different names referring to potency. White fluff is I think the second most pure form.. usually 85-95% pure. I dont remember all of the other names, but I will take a look and report back if I find them.
  9. if u wanna trip on LSA just eat a couple hundred heavenly blue morning glory seeds and you will trip balllls
  10. Yeah my cousin always does that then goes for a run.

    What a nutball.
  11. really? i have a friend who trips on acid before he comes to school (fucking retarted if you ask me) he told me u needed LSA to make LSD. i dont know i guess im wrong. theres a shocker haha

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