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  1. Well, I've stumbled upon a connect whom can get "good" acid for $15 a hit.
    I've read many things on cid, but I'm still not sure if I'm comfortable enough to try it.
    Should I embark on such an adventure?
    In case of a bad trip, would taking 2 xannies knock me out, or would I have a nightmare of a dream?
    ALSO, I've heard from a friend you still dream of acid trips sometimes, is that true?
    I really want to do shrooms, but oddly enough it's harder to find those than acid. :(
  2. If you're this worried about taking it, I would hold off for awhile.

    Yes, it's worth it, yes it's a nice 12 hour high. And no, I've never had a bad trip. But I'm always comfortable with uncle cid, always in a comfortable place, and never second guess taking it.
  3. u have to be in the right mindset to have a good trip, wait till ur ready and the dose will find u. If you dont feel comfortable dont take it, and u can still learn a lot from a bad trip..;
  4. I would also like to try cid and shrooms but they are virtually nonexistant in Maryland.
  5. It's not that I'm worried about having a bad trip, it's just the mindset of me actually taking acid, which is a new thing, seeing as I've never done any psychedelics.
    I'm ready to open my mind to a new, beautiful thing, just anxiety I suppose.
  6. Well if you have any doubt about it....dont do it.

    Trust me from experiencia
  7. read the first timers psychedelic guide, that should help.
  8. Just had my first trip the other day. 2 hits of good acid. It was the most AMAZING drug experience of my life.

    I was also 100% ready to do it, in a good environment, and tripping with 4 other people, 3 of whom had done acid 1 or more times.

    My advice to you would be to wait on that until you are 100% sure you are ready to do it. If you are at all worried about it, you are likely to have a bad trip. Going in with the mindset that it is going to be a completely great experience is the best way to have a good trip.
  9. Well, 1 hit will probably be relatively recreational and introspective for you and if you've got a friend to trip with you'd be golden im sure, just get a fun setting.

    If you're shooting for the hallucinations and revelations 2 hits will probably be plenty for your first trip.

    Just last night me and 7 friends dropped two, went frolfing, then ran around the park ALL night playing in the woods and shit...we even got caught in a huge thunderstorm outside, AWESOME on acid :D try to be outside, the daylight will enhance everyyyyyyyyything
  10. Haha! That sounds really fun, man, I'd like to give that a try.
    I'm just going to wait awhile, until I'm SURE I'm ready for this experience.
    In case of anything going wrong, lets say, mid trip, would taking a few xanax knock me out? I've never taken them before, but I've heard they will knock you out. I don't want to take them, and just be asleep having nightmares, or just blackout and do something stupid because I'm tripping.
  11. If you have doubts about any type of drug then i suggest you don't do it at all. I've had my doubts and i learned the hard way. Though none of them really harmed me in anyway.

    With acid though, i've only done it 4 times total. All of them which even during sleep i would have the best acid dreams.

    A good mindset and maybe a babysitter or experience tripper would be needed incase you start tripping hard and can't control it. :)

    Happy tripping

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