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Discussion in 'General' started by Xavior, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. SHit - so heres the problem, i took like 1 or 2 hits of acid around like 10PM or 11pm or somehing and ive been tripping for ages now - anyone have advice on what might help me sleep because im tired of tripping and i wanna sleep

  2. Never tried acid but I heard the trip can last 6-12 hours, and that it can be hard to sleep during this. You might try smoking a bowl if you got it, but you might get a 2nd oppinion on that. Not sure how weed affects a trip. It would probly help you sleep though. Or maybe OTC sleeping pills? Just a suggestion, I'd make sure whatever you take is ok to mix with acid. try erowid. Or just say screw it, take two more hits and stay up all night.
  3. dude - i didnt need two more hits - something apparently something went very right in the wrong sort of way. lol - i didnt want to trip like this AT ALL, i just wanted to sample and see what acid was like for a 'little bit' i took 2 500mg vitamin c tabs with it and sucked another - i think the acid has pretty much warn off/or maybe not - the vitamin c must be making this last way long

    damn its pissing me off actually because i had stuff to do today and now everything is warped as shit lol
  4. The best thing to take to counteract the effects of LSD is large doses of Vitamin B. You can ususally find the needed combination in B-complex vitamins that you can buy at the store. If you have some handy, I would recommend taking at least 10 of these vitamins (presuming that the tablets contain at least 5 times the RDA of the B vitamins).

    Good luck.
  5. There is nothing you can really do to make the acid wear off but god damn man why the hell would you want it to wear off!!!it's acid which alot of people can't get and would love to get, just enjoy the trip and go with the flow.

    Ps, how much did you pay for your hits?
  6. You said you took "1 or 2 hits". Was it liquid acid? Why, if you just wanted to see a little bit of what it was like to trip, did you take more than a hit? Didn't you read up on this stuff first? What in heaven's name were you thinking?
  7. he was thinking he want to trip.

  8. Oh, yes there is. The first time I started to freak on a trip, one of the boyz pushed a hypo into my arm and shot me up with what he called a "mega-dose of vitamins". I was down in 20 minutes. I'm not sure what it actually was, but it worked.

  9. fuck, never knew that.
  10. lol - well i took 1 and a half of littler peices of paper - i did ... sort of read up on it - i just wanted to see what happened tho - lol. my hits cost me 10 a peice, and dam they were strong.

    which b vitamins bring you down? vitamin b-12? i have some of that - or should i buy one that has a bunch of different ones.

    also - i read that there is some drug that conteracts the acid almost instantly - its like an anti-psychotic drug, i think its prescription tho :( fear and loathing in las vegas mentioned something that would help bring the attorney down when he took too much acid - i dont remember what it was tho.

    lol - im gonna take a half of one tonight without vitamin c and see how things go.
  11. Shit the first time I took acid I was up in bed almost all night. Impossible to fall asleep on. My trip was 10-12 hours off 1 hit.
  12. I saw all kinds of wierd shit last night tho - for those of you that havent taken it before - heres some stuff to look forward to...

    -I was looking at a gift bag that had yellow sunflowers on it and the flowers started to grow more petals and expand - like they were real.
    -I spent most of the hard tripping on my couch looking at a really waky painting with tons of colors, it was werid cause i made up like stories in my heaqd about what was going on - also i pretty much constantly heard music my head, lol.
    -What else, oh yeh - the ceiling looked like it was rippling with water for quite a while, and the carpet had dancing .... things on it.
    -The light cast by my computer screen and phone (both color) would go thru all the colors of the rainbow constantly - and when i moved the mouse it had tracers.

    thats all i remember at the moment - just took a half of one, let you all know how it goes

  13. did you take vit c with it?
  14. xavior dont be a fool.

    if this is the first time you have taken acid dont do it for like a year or so unless you want to be really dumb and slow.
    People I overdosed on LSD when I was 14 in wasnt good after that my memory was completaly fucked and my school grades went from Bs to Ds I was taking acid for a while after that for like 3 years every month or so. and now I can see what it has done to me.

    hard core flash backs I faint all the time my memory is not there at all I am slow very slow but I do love the way it has given me insight to things other than life.

    If you are going to take acid tabs never take more than 3 or you will turn half vege for a day or so

    always give 3 months between trips or more and be SMART!!!

    but always remember to HAVE FUN!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. sorry to hear that dude - i personally dont believe it will be a problem - since we dont even have acid 99% of the time i might as well enjoy it while we do
  16. damnit dude now im all worried
  17. the only way to conteract that is more acid...haha
  18. hahah,exactly
  19. lol - i was a bit disappointed last night, the visions were quite faint - i dont think i gave myself enough time to recover from the first one. plus i probably shoulda taken 1 full hit instead of two halves. :(
  20. 5mg klonopin should do you well.

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