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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. oh yeah... it\'s back around

    ::does happy he\'s getting acid again dance::

    i plan on eating a bunch in a few weeks... stuff\'s easier to come by than weed now-a-days :D
  2. Nice..never done acid myself, but im a strictly weed kind of all his own:)
    Though, i\'d love to hear how it goes! Trippin has always interested me..might try shrooms someday, might not though..who knows.
  3. Been a long time since I dropped (70\'s term) acid.
    Did a bunch from 1976 - 78. Really LOVED it.
    Do people still listen to Moody Blues and Pink Floyd when tripping? If not, what is acid music nowadaze?

    I want to do it again sometime.
    Pure LSD with no trash chemicals is a good thing.

    Good luck.
    Bon Voyage.
  4. Nice!
    I really wish you could get acid here.
    Here you have to wait for an otherones show, or a phish show or something.

    Have fun tripping.
  5. Have a great time Cottons!! :D I like acid, but it\'s getting harder and harder to find around these parts. At least really good acid... ;)
  6. Cottons! Cottons! Cottons! When are you going to visit me? :D You know it\'s almost non-existent where I am but yet you still come to the City and brag about it....knowing I\'ll take the bait! HEH! I\'m glad you get to trip, man! I just wish I could too! I\'m a bit green with envy! ;)
  7. pharmacutical lsd is all i\'d ever take..

  8. around here that\'s what we do. atleast if you\'re smart. nothinhg heavy, don\'t want a bad trip now. I love trippin out to wish you were here. really a great cd to trip to.
  9. I don\'t do acid, or shrooms, or anything but da chronic. But a lot of my local dealers are starting to sell other things.
  10. i listen to Pink Floyd a lot while tripping face. but i also like God Forbid... anything that\'s intense really...

    and someone mentioned pharmacutical acid... that\'s basically what it was around here not too long back. it was straight from the chemist... 100% pure lsd... dunno about this new stuff though. i\'ll probably pick some up this weekend to try it out before picking up my sheet in a while (not gonna say how long \'cause i\'m paranoid, LOL)...

    so... rmjl... a visit can definately be arranged ;) PM me! LOL
  11. if its the stuff tat was just floatin around here have fun man....
    green gell tabs..... so clean... no paranoia... no tweakage next day....just you the colors and the vibrent walls breathing.... i still got one sittin in my freezer...
  12. we don\'t have any gel tabs going around here that i know of... i can get sheets for mad cheap, and sweet breath bottles filled with liquid for a pretty good price :D if it\'s good stuff i\'m gonna think about buying a locking mini-fridge for my room, LMAO!
  13. im always on the look out for some acid, but havent been able to find any in months and months =(
  14. I would love to get acid, but no one ever talks about it round here, i\'m going to get shrooms though soon, next best thing.

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