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  1. Really fucked with my head. I didnt really trip.. I didnt eat enough (I think it was diluted). I was definetly feeling weird.

    now I get this strange 'blank' sort of feeling all the time. Its not good or bad, its just blank. I cant even put it into words.

    I dont even know what I'm trying to say.

    Fuckin crazy.

    I thought it was going to change my life for the better- shatter my ego and whatnot. I dont think i had an ego to begin with.
  2. I wanna try acid. It was in my town a couple days ago but was gone so fast i didnt get a chance
  3. Ive never heard of that happening to anyone. How long ago was your trip, and what was the dosage?
  4. Trip was last friday.

    I a put a drop on a sour patch kid, and ate it around 4pm.

    Ripped a bong a few times and went on a walk through the woods. Smoked a blunt. Noticed that if I looked at the ground close enough, it was moving a bit. Thats the only 'visual' i had.

    Ate second drop around 6 or 7pm.

    Drank a 5th of rum. Felt very strange. I was drunk, but at the same time its like I was completely consious of what I was doing. I drank a 5th too, which is a lot of liquor for me especially since i dont drink often.
  5. Ive done alot of lsd and ya its one of the worlds most mind altering drugs mood wise not including the visual part. I would say if the ground was only moving alittle bit then the liquid was defiantly diluted. sounds like a dose anywhere from 150ug to 300ug ish... that would be my geuss. any way trip on bro lol...
  6. acid doesn't bring about visuals and/or the same trip to all, especially in low doses.
    my guess:
    you experienced a mindfuck, sludged down with alcohol (which was counteracted by the stimulating nature of lsd)
    "i don't think i had an ego to begin with"
    and your ego dissolved.

    i have felt this blankness. integrate what you thought on the trip into what you live in the present. you will be fine, you will have learned.
  7. Ugh, Im willing to bet it was the booze. My only advice is not to try anything new with your drug cocktails...Stick to things you have experience with.

    And I'm far from an expert, but I think your blankness will clear up relatively soon. If not, talk to your doctor. Go ahead and tell him you dropped some acid, you're protected by confidentiality; besides, he's makin sure you dont die, he needs to know whats goin down.
  8. ^^ Your doctor is a good person to talk to about it.

    I had a 6 gram shroom trip about 2 years ago that fucked me up, I had a blank feeling for about 3 months that was strange, depressing, scary. I see shit in my peripheral vision fairly often thats not there still. After that trip I've been nervous around people and much more of a loner.

    The blank feeling went away I don't know if its the same thing your experiencing but I would say give it some time.

    As much as I love shrooms I wouldn't do them again, I've dropped acid since then and I'm done with that too until I feel I've shaken the other symptoms if ever.

    Good luck hope it clears up.
  9. sounds like you didn't get a big enough dose to have fun, but still dealt with some of the after effects. the after effects wear off though, you're not stuck with them haha. i've had lsd "hangovers" that lasted a couple days but that's about max. i've never taken more than 2-3 doses at a time though. it's hard to judge how much that is because you never know how strong the solution it was made with.
  10. i've heard some doctors prescribe benzos for anxiety and residual effects of lsd trips :)
  11. maybe the blank feelings are due to fucked up flash backs, as in your brain cant do flashbacks or something, who knows

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