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  1. Me and my boyfriend are thinking about doing acid. The only thing that the both of us really have tripped on was Delsym
    ..and i heard if you can do that they you can do anything. I am just a little unsure of what it actually does to the body. Is it worth it?

    what are your thoughts?
  2. I don't really think a DXM trip will prepare you for an acid trip..
    However, acid isn't really that bad for the body in terms of toxicity so you're fine.
  3. All those things you hear about it fuckin w/ your spine and shit... bullshit.

    But heres the thing... if either of you have any doubts about doing it, DONT DO IT!

    Acid will pull those fears out and beat you with them!

    On a lighter note...

    Don't just do acid to do acid... Wait for the perfect day, the perfect mindset... both of you in a great mood, smokin bud... just enjoying life, wanting to take it a bit further.

    Be prepared for your perspective on life to change, be in a comfortable environment with people you are comfortable around.

    Basically, make sure everything is as perfect as possible.
  4. Just know that it is going to be completely different than anything you can imagine. SWIM has never done acid but SWIM has tried mushrooms and imagines they are similar. Think about how different being drunk is from being high. That is how different hallucinogens are than both of those, it's just an entirely new thing. Definately don't do it without a trip sitter though, you can really hurt yourself because you get so out of it that you really don't know what is going on. Also make sure you have someone there that keeps reminding you that you are not gonna feel like that forever, the intensity of the experience makes it hard to remember the fact that it is temporary. :D

    I dunno about the whole perspective change thing though SWIM took a large amount of mushrooms the first time and tripped like hell, but the only life perspective change is now he can listen to psytrance and stuff like "infected mushroom" and appreciate it. Weed seemed to be much more life changing than mushrooms.
  5. Just so you know... Acid DOES drip blood down your spine... And once you've done acid once.
    10 years later they can test you to see if you've done acid and they can tell even if you've only done it once. It stays in your spine but w/e I have no proof but I'm pretty damn sure this is correct. I've heard it in several drug shows and whatnot but that's mah 2 cents.

  6. no, it doesn't actually :rolleyes:

  7. They can't legally test for acid. They would have to do a spinal tap, which because it COULD kill you, they aren't allowed to.

    BUT... you can crack your back years down the road and experience a trip again haha...

    There was this kid back when i was in school that would crack is back... then youd see him stare at the ceiling goin "woh..."

    btw... if anything i said was wrong please prove me wrong (not a arrogant comment, i honestly would love to be proved wrong... i love learning new things every day)
  8. And shrooms make your brain bleed..
    And weed KILLS YOU!
  9.,, the answers you'll ever need right there.
  10. your first trip will be about the best 13 hours of your life
  11. Just do your research, ask questions if you cant find answers. If you need my help, i could probably steer you in the right direction.
  12. Acid? Have fun! Make sure you are in a comfortable place and your relaxed.
  13. I dropped for the first time last weekend, it was very enjoyable and the 2 hits I took were not overwhelming at all. Remember to choose your setting wisely.
  14. I didn't like acid, probably because the kid i was with was weird as fuck. if i was with a chick it would have been fun because i was horny the whole time, I felt like I was insane because we were sitting in my bedroom the whole night and it was bad.
  15. haha most of your posts are so funny:hello:
  16. Honestly, I say just go for it. There is nothing out there that will prepare you for it, so don't even bother worrying about that. It's a totally unique feeling unlike anything you could really imagine until you've tried it. Just take one hit each and get a feel for it. Try to be outdoors in a park or something away from a lot of people.
  17. You coulda called me woman. You know you can rely on me for that info... =p And what about those shrooms eh? Those were pretty potent.

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