acid? where?

Discussion in 'General' started by antsinthepants, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys this is my first post. Im just wondering what states have good or legit acid? Yes I already searched for this kind of thread.
  2. It basically comes down to who you know and what you are willing to spend. As long as you dont live in the middle of nowhere i would say with some effort you could find legit lsd.
  3. hippy conventions or something of the sorts.
  4. One would assume California.
    Because of the Summer of Love.
    But, one may be wrong.
  5. Its pretty easy to find some there..I know thats where I've gotten mine the few times I've tried it
  6. I'd say yeah about the whole price. Everybody said there was no acid where i lived, turned out you just had to pay $20 a hit for it. But it was definately legit.
  7. The deal with cid is when its around.... its all over the fucking place and you can get hundreds of tabs.

    When its not though.... good luck :D:D:smoking::smoking:

  8. Agreed. I know people who get really good acid so I can always get it from them. But if I didn't have that one contact I would have no idea where to get it. Just ask people in your Marijuana community if they know where to find it, thats what I would do.
  9. thanks. and its nice to see that someone besides me likes bad brains.

  10. i love bAD brains!!! if u look hard enough... u might recognize a lil somebody in my avatar!
  11. I want acid so I can go back to saving the world.

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