Acid, When and Where to take it?

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  1. So I just got myself a strip of acid (10 hits) I am gonna take with my friends. Now I have taken acid 3x before but it has only been at concerts. So now I figured I'd try tripping while NOT at a concert. Now my friends parents are gone for a week. So we could have his house for the weekend OR we MIGHT be able to go out to his camp for the weekend.

    My question is if we are unable to go out to his camp, what are fun activities to do (preferably indoors) while tripping? Should we buy anything? And if we are out at his camp what would be fun to do?(its pretty isolated)

    Also at approx what time should we take the hits? (afternoon, evening? night?)

    And finally when do you usually smoke weed while tripping, because during my
    trips I didn't smoke any weed but I've heard its better when you do.

  2. You gotta go outside man. Indoors just doesn't do it for me on acid.
    Walk around in nature smoking weed. That's where its at man.
  3. Make sure your friends are the people you want to be around. Chances are 1 or 2 of them won't want to do any of the stuff you want to do and it will get annoying.

    Have tons of tree, you will probably burn thru a lot.

    I have done it camping / at home. Some times at camping you just really want to have the comforts of home. If your friends home is secluded you could go outside & have the indoor luxury too.

    It is all about who you are with though. you should have fun regardless.
  4. i agree go camping if you can, but if not...

    make sure all your phones are turned off and any keys or things ya dont wanna lose are kept someplace so ya dont need to worry about finding them again.

    have chill music going, idk if you play any instruments, but i started playing the djembe (big hand drum) a couple weeks ago and i loved it while tripping. had this girl give me visuals with glow sticks and i came up with some really awesome beats going along with the movements.

    idk if youre gonna wanna eat much, i barely eat anything when im on acid. but i drink a lot of water and orange juice if i have any. oj helps the trip a lot, but dont take it right away. wait a while after youve dropped.

    if you have any awesome tapestries or posters or black lights get them up. oh buy glow sticks, the skinny connectable ones and the thick ones that ya can put on strings. theyre so much fun to play with.

    i loved tripping during the day and i loved it at night, they both have theyre own pros and cons. theyre two different worlds pretty much. the best i have to say is from night through sunrise into day. when the sun lit up the trees they were sparkling

    oh and if youre tripping at night outside, have some bright flash lights too that you can shine on and through the trees it looks awesome

  5. what he said.

    Also buy yourself a big jug of orange juice and drink it when you feel queasy it helps so damn much (use apple juice if u dont like orange)
  6. oh ya i forgot that part, i think having some sugars and stuff in ya just to keep your blood sugar up and your body going if you dont feel like eating actual food. i know it kept me going for three days
  7. Nature, good music, and happy people.
    It's pretty hard to not have fun on acid, when you are in a comfortable environment.
  8. The key being comfortable environment
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    ya dude i mean the woods are cool while tripping...but if ur inside ur still gonna have an awesome time...if im inside i like to watch funny ass movies (last time i watched tropic thunder...funniest shit ever on acid)...just smoke a lot of weed and fucking BLAST trippy music...the reason i would prefer to trip inside is cuz i got a really good sound system and nothing is better while tripping than listening to trippy music that is loud as fuck with a good bass...and im never hungry on acid...u probly will have no desire to something right before u dose cuz thats the only time ur gonna want to eat
  10. Id say do it at your friends house. That way you can go outside when you feel like it (and you will, trust me) or be inside. It will also be a much more comfortable environment for you in the event someone has a bad trip.

    Id recomend taking it at night. Night tripping is soooo cool. look at the stars, go for a walk around town, watch a funny or trippy movie, whatever.

    Listen to alot of beatles and gratefull dead.

    Have fun :wave:
  11. inside is fun if you have lots of weird stuff around. im sure you'll have access to outside which is good. having a house is nice just as like a safezone, even if you dont need it its nice to know its there. i always smoke weed when im starting to come down and it makes you trip out for longer, from what ive experienced. crayons are fun to mess around with. oh yeah take it like two hours before sunset so you can watch it, from a high up places is best. so amazing. you gotta watch the whole thing go down though, you wont regret it.
  12. Anywhere. I'm not even kidding.

    I've dosed alone for personal reason. I've dosed at professional MLB games, party's, with friends, at raves/concerts, outside, walking,hiking... And it's honestly always awesome for me. I find it very eye opening to trip with random people around, although I am a very social and observational person.

  13. Fuck yeah i'm on 2 tabs o ciddd... I just went longboarding!! hella fun shitttt
  14. dude i cant wait to go longboarding on acid, but im even more stoked to go snowboarding, that way i dont have to worry about gettin hurt as bad if i fuck up

  15. I fell over once and just kindah rolled it out then realizEd I got cut pretty fucking bad, not stitch worthy tho... but just be safe lol
  16. I really have a great time just dropping and longboarding or riding my bike around. While I'm frying, I swear bike riding is just so fucking fun.

  17. Right on man, you know what's up
    longboarding ftww
  18. i ate 2 doses exactly an hour and 10 minutes ago and im startin to come up hard.

    take those bad boys asap!! if you need anything let me no brother
  19. Thanks for all the help guys. Also what are some "must-have" musics for when you are tripping?

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