Acid vs. Shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. I've never done either acid or shrooms, but i hope to try both soon. But, how are the trips different? People tell me that on acid, you see more colors and shapes, and people tell me when you're on shrooms, you see more 'realistic' things. I plan on trying both very soon and i wanted to know what to expect from each. Oh and i also wanted to ask what should i expect to see on one hit of acid?
  2. The key is erowid.

    But really it all depends on what shrooms you get and how strong your acid is.

    But when i tried truffles i didn't find them to be really visual, just the walls were different and i was in an ecstatic state of mind and body, i was at one with the music :)

    But i've never got acid before, it's not around where i live, although last week a boy told me he could get acid but i don't know about him,he might be able.

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