acid trip reporttttt! :)

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  1. hey im PDH, and i took acid for my first time on wednesday night...
    i dropped at 9:00 at night, soon after at about ten, my body felt AMAZING, and i was listning to music and the room seemed to shake with the bass, around 11 it started getting crazy! i was on the forums so i could keep in touch with the real world but everything looked like i was looking into a pool (it was moving slightly) and i felt like i took MDMA because my body felt AMAZING and i was smiling from ear to ear, i talked to my mom several times throughout this and she had no idea :cool: but at one point someone sent me a youtube link for techno and i asked him if the letters were supposed to be moving and he said "i think thats the dose talking to you lol..." good times, then i went to school still feeling it and got suspended for a day (i broke some kids car by accident) AND THEN at 11 (am) i finally felt normal again, over all an amazing time... THE ONLy NEGATIVE WAS THAT MY TEETH HURT FOR LIKE A DAY AFTER LOL....
    thanks for reading PDH : )
  2. Glad to hear it went well :)
  3. thanks bro, i didnt even touch on what happened lol, there was sooooooo mcuh
  4. Welcome to the other side.
  5. You broke some kids car? Ha, how did that happen?
  6. i climbed on his hood and dented it up and then proceeded to draw a penis on it in the dust and scratched the paint lmao.... my bad....

  7. Uh...a penis?
  8. i go to an all guys school, just to be a dick (no pun intended) people draw penises on shit

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