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    I come from a small town in Canada. In my last year of high school, I started doing alot of drugs. These two girls that i would sometimes buy drugs off of asked me if i wanted to do mushrooms with them. So we did them. I had the usual high that everyone gets from mushrooms. While we were on them, they asked if i wanted to try acid.

    My parents were gone away for a month so i agreed. The next day they came over at about 2:30 in the afternoon. One of them made breakfast and we dropped. By 3:30 I couldn't feel a thing and we thought that we had been ripped off. We took my dad's car and decided to go to school to find the guy that had sold the hits to them. On the way to school, all the emergency lights in my dad's car were coming on. I decided to take it into the shop, the car was brand new, this shouldn't be happening I thought. When we got there I explained to the guy that all the lights in the dash were flashing and I didn't know why. The girls said that there hits were kicking in and they were going across the street for a slurpee.

    I sat and waited in a little coffee area. I started tripping out real bad. All the noise from the shop was confusing me, and i was really liking the free coffee, I think that I had about 10 cups. I sat down and realized that the lights on the dash probably weren't flashing in my dad's car, and here I was at the Ford dealership fuct on acid. Just as I realized this, someone called my name. It was some mechanic who knew me. How are you? he was saying and asking about my dad and how his trip was?? I babbled something not being able to make sense of what he was talking about. He pointed out that the car was fine. I started to freak out and grabbed the keys and left. I picked up the two girls across the street. They had bought all this candy and when I told them that there was nothing wrong with the car they couldn't stop laughing. Then we went to school.

    The school's colors are Purple and white, and man when i walked in, everything was purple and white. Or sort of had a purple and white shade to it. After being in the school for about ten minutes we decided to go to the library to see if we could get some other people to come and drop with us. Instead we ran into my history teacher. I had skipped his class that day. He started giving me shit, about skipping his class. While he was giving me shit his face was really distorting. I was kind of smirking at him because he was getting all red and he was looking like the devil. I looked at the two girls that i was with and they both burst out laughing.The teacher then asked me if i had been drinking? or was I doing something else? I really started to trip out then. I didn't know what to do so, I told him to fuck off and ran out of the school. ( The next day I got suspended). When I got home I started to see a lot of visuals. The plants were all moving and I stared at the counter for an hour or so. Once school was out, a whole bunch of people came over. i just watched t.v. Later that night once everyone left but the two girls who had dropped, we went for a drive on the highway. I got pulled over. Talk about a shitty day.I got a ticket and the cop pulled me out of the car, he frisked me and made me do an alchol test. Then he searched my dad's car. He thought that I had stole the car and I had to phone my dad from the police station in Texas. The whole time I was so fucked.

    I don't know how I got through all of the day. I don't remember alot of the police station. The day ended pretty well. The three of us went back to my house at 4:30 am. We drank a dozen beer, and then I slept with both of them. That was my first time on hits. My second time was more fuCKED UP

    WHAT CRAZY STORIES DO YOU GUYS HAVE???:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. My eyes...

    Please break it up into paragraphs.
  3. My bad man, fixed
  4. Driving on acid is a pretty stupid thing to do.
  5. Realized that a bit too late sadly
  6. Well that sounds like a pretty uncomfortable expierence, looking at the acid and the shit that happend during. Nice finish though I guess, sex ... you know.. good ending lol
  7. You fucked both those girls too man nice.
  8. Ugh, stupidity on drugs, but funny nonetheless.
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    haha thats pure class,
    in my last year of school when i was 15-16 i was basically permenantly fucked up on something or other, i remember once i walked into maths like 20 minutes late after a allnight sesh [i was fucked] sat down and all i rememebr was the table infont of me was waveing like it was moveing, and befor long there surface of the table turned into rippeling water, at some other point in the lesson i saw a snickers on the floor wich i then tryed to pick up to eat for a good 5-10 minutes befor i realised there was no snickers and i was just tripping balls hahaha :p funny thing about that snickers is it kept moveing a few inches or so everytime i looked at something else haha
    i cant even begin to explain how confuseing it was at the time pretty sure everyone in that lesson new i was fucked up

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