Acid tonight?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Box of Rain, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Well I have some blotter acid. I want to take some tonight, however my parents are home. I would stay in my room and just chill out and I have nothing planned tomorow so it seems like the perfect oppurtunity.

    What does gc think. I'm thinking just stick with one hit and see how it goes as opposed to two hits.

    I have shroomed like this before but never done acid while my parents are near.
  2. First of all, just a heads up is that acid lasts for six to ten hours and you most definitely cannot sleep while tripping.

    Second of all, tripping solo is cool if your up for it. If your experience with shrooms went well and you feel comfortable tripping by yourself then all is well.

    Third of all, tripping around your parents is risky. If your the type to be in your room for hours and hours and never say anything to your parents or see them around the house then be my guest. If not, I'd be super careful and maybe wait until they're out of town.

    edit: if you do go for it GOOD VIBES TO YOU BROTHAAA
  3. if u think u can chill in ur room for that long u should be good i think...i get random urges to go outside though, i wouldnt want to be in my room the whole trip.

    it can be done though
  4. i know, this is not my first time on acid. Im aware I won't get much sleep haha. I plan on taking it after they are asleep, so I most likely won't see them. I have done solo trips before and actually prefer them, on lower doses of corse.

    I think I will take it. Should be eating it in 2-3 hours.

    will report back when I do.

    edit: and yes I will most likely go outside for a while. through my window, I live out near a bunch of vineyards in the country so there will be no cops or anyone to bother me. Except my parents of corse. haha.
  5. As long as you're not stuck in your room all night, I say go for it :wave:
  6. Update: A hot girl I like is coming over to do the second hit with me.

    Tonight will be fun. Just going to hop out my window and do a trip in nature.

    edit: how is fucking on acid??

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