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    So here's the good news: I finally scored some acid! I am ready to try it for the first time. I had to jump through some hoops, and paid $15 a hit (gulp) but I have been trying to get my hands on some for me and my buddy for the last month.

    The bad news (as far as tripping goes): Tomorrow I'm going on an ACTUAL trip down to Florida to go on a caribbean cruise with my family and we'll be gone for 10 days(yeah, horrible news, right, LOL)! I decided I better buy the acid now because I have been so frustrated the last month or so trying to find some to try.

    So I scored 4 hits, now I need to know how to store it for about 11 days. I've read a lot about guys on here putting it in the freezer. My guy said keep it in the foil and put it inside a book.

    I seriously hope it keeps and doesn't lose it's potency after 10 days. That's besides the fact that it better be badass if it's $15 a hit! It's gonna be a nice little welcome back present from my jamaican getaway!

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Store it all on your tongue before you leave man, that way you can come back and it will be fresh for the taking.
  3. ^^ Lmao!

    Unless you do absolutely everything wrong, 11 days is not going to do much at all. Thanks to some of the members on this site, i think i now have tha best method of storage. Wrap the blotters in wax paper, then foil, then a small plastic baggie. For LONG term you could put it in the freezer, but it should be fine if its just a little over a week. :wave:
  4. so is it blotter? just wrap it in tinfoil, then in a ziploc bag, then stick it in a fridge. Thats the most safe way too do. Air light and temperature degrade it
  5. Yeah, sorry, it's blotter. Greatful Dead :D
  6. The charge from the Al Foil can also degrade the blotter over a loooonnngggg time, so just to be safe add tha wax paper in there as a barrier ;)
  7. i put my blotters in foil, then in a small tupperware container. then in my drawer
  8. Refrigerator = not the best idea.
    Moisture and condensation of water will dissolve the acid over time.
  9. That's why you bag it up in airtight bags. Refrigerator > Freezer when it comes to storing LSD. Extreme temperature degrades it as well.
  10. Wrap those tabs in foil and throw em in the fridge or freezer. Ive been storing my tabs this way for over a month, and tripped on them 3 different times now.
  11. As long as it's not hot where you live you don't even need to fridge it dude, tin and ziplocks work fine, maybe toss one of those moisture absorbing things, silica packets, but as long as its not above 70 or so, the temp will not matter
  12. I;ve always heard that the freezer is the best for LONG term storage? I've even read that some of the family members store their personal sheets in the freezer, and that some blotters from the 60's-70's that had been kept air tight in a freezer were dosed 30some years later and had no noticeable changes in potency. Its possible that what i read was some bullllogna tho, so correct me if im wrong, which i very well could be. :eek:
  13. The freezer works but it can cause a lot of condensation once you take it out,which is hard to prevent even with bags. It's a little excessive also and not really necessary. Like the other dude said it also depends where you live, being in Colorado it's pretty cold already and storing in the freezer is just over kill.
  14. Gotchaa, I still think that for long, and I'm talkin LONG term storage, the freezer is the best as far as preserving potency goes. However, for short term, i agree with ya. The freezer is definitely overkill :)
  15. I always store my acid in the freezer but be careful when taking it out. If you take it out of the freezer don't unwrap the shit from the foil right away - this could cause condensation to form, thus ruining your blotter. What I always do is stick it in the freezer than when i wanna drop I put the hits in the fridge for a bit, then take them out. Never had a problem doing it this way. Peace :smoke:
  16. Well technically you should be able to keep LSD for years if the temperature is below 70 degrees. The freezer just creates more possible problems. He should be more worried about air or light degrading his stuff than temperature.

    But hey this guy only has 4 dose's and he only needs to keep them for two weeks or whatever haha.
  17. I have an "acid case" whic is basically a micro SD card case with amuminum foil taped to it

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