Acid plant food and tonic

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  1. Hey its me first grow im bout 3 weeks in and just got some acid plant food and tonic its 15=10=15 with iron is this ok to feed me plants with and if so how often:confused:
  2. Hey man.
    Welcome to the city. I did a search on your fertilizer there and did a little bit of research. The thing about that fertilizer is that it is for "acid loving plants". Maryjane to my knowledge is NOT an acid loving plant. The fertilizer does however have a good NPK ratio and it does have micronutrients which are important but, the "Acid Loving" part bothers me. Wait a while to see if anyone else on here has used it and then proceed with caution.
  3. (cheers this site class) I got some tomato or grass food wot bout them
  4. Tomato fert should be good. What is the NPK ratio and does it have the Trace Elements (these are found on the back of the package)?
  5. tomato food is 5=5=10 contains magnesium,copper,zinc
  6. Should be ok for now.
  7. ok cheers glad posted now b4 had me plants tripping offa that acid food
  8. my experience is that acid loving plant food is great for soil veggies if you already have the ph on the un-acid side of the 7.0, and IF you use HALF STRENGTH mixture of their INDOOR FORMULAE.

    do not accidentally mix up a gallon/tablespoon accidentally reading the OUTDOOR instructions as I did, I gave my babies a little HOT SHOT with that, and BOOM, changed em forever, and after they burst, they slowed, and i nursed all but two back, then killed to men yesterday.

    you know what i mean.

    So, is it possible for MALES to HAVE hairs? Or not at all?

    if all MALES never produce HAIRS, then I have ELEVEN girls downstairs watching the tarp hang out in the breeze. YEAAHHH BABY!

    oh, can i build a sea of green right next to my finishing chamber, even if the air space in the top 3" of the ceiling is SHARED between them?

    what do i have to do to protect from thermal imaging?




  9. So in other words, Do NOt use it, it is not meant for grass. To easy to burn them out. Leaden it is possible for males to have hairs if it is a hermie but, more likely if it has white pistils it is female. I am not sure what you mean about growing your sea of green question. What do you mean by thermal imaging? Do you mean Thermal imaginge by the FED's? Anyway, Pics of all this stuff would really help.
  10. Roger , i am trying to be very descriptive eh?
    I wil lwork on getting digi images up soon.
    I think yo uall will notice problems here and there, but overall be impresed since im doing this with equipment and books and not muc hpersonal experience.

    basicllay, i have 11 potent looking girls: some with cupping leaves, some with new foiliage looking quite lime green, but they all darken well, and grow and smell great(bad-hehe)

    i hope to share a pic!

    will the hermaph/genetic freaks have like, pistles/hairs on the top buds, and balls without hairs on lower branches?

    when do i induce co2?

  11. CO2 is probably not necessary. Just go into your grow room frequently and breathe on them. That will be enough CO2 along with good circulation and ventilation.
  12. Roger that, and since im a stay-at-home dad with two kids in public school full time, I HAVE PLENTY of conversation with the ladies.

    i love the ladies.

  13. Roger that.
    Over and Out.

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