Acid or shrooms

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  1. Well I'm thinking I want to try shrooms or acid. Can people say what they would pick for their first psychadelic and maybe list some stories of your expierences. Thanks.
  2. acid

    easier to handle
  3. acid easier to handle? i realllly dont know about that one...acid is a new world a new place a life changing thing sometimes...shrooms is just a mindfuck but you still know whats happening
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    are you serious? on shrooms i literally can believe the most rediculouse shit, yes its more of a mind fuck thats why i feel its more difficult to handle.

    shrooms does this shit to me, say im in a car, not paying attention, i hear the car rev, but it sounds really loud and i for some reason think that the apocalypse is happening and that were all dying, i dont know why i do shit like that on shrooms

    then again all depends on dose, i always take an 1/8 of bomb bomb mucks and get completely mind fucked for hours not knowing whats going on at all, it can take me over an hour plus to smoke a bowl cause im just wondering around with the pipe in my hands all confused

    ego death is a bitch
  5. shrooms with your buddies and music
  6. Acid hands down. A lot of people are afraid of LSD for no reason. Its a much 'cleaner' trip.
  7. idk man i really feel like if youve never tripped on anything before acid is not the thing to try..just because you dont know what to expect
  8. Oh wow this thread gives a nice definite answer doesn't it. :rolleyes: :D

    I'm in the same boat as the OP. I'm keen to trip but, like this thread, I get mixed answers whenever I ask people which is better for a first timer.
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    acid is a synthetic high.
    shrooms feels like a weed high except you're mind is fucked up to the max.
  10. Why would shrooms be better? Psylocybin trips are a lot crazier then acid trips. I would think there is less of a chance for a bad trip. Mushrooms always give me a stomache ache, and an inexperienced tripster could take the stomache ache and turn it into a bad trip.

    You're way better off with LSD, if you can get your hands on some Delsyd...
  11. this
    shrooms r much more intense plus ur stomach hurts go for the cid
  12. My stomach never hurts on boomers, it just feels weird. I'd say LSD all the way for a first timer. No doubt in my mind it'll be the best experience of your life.
  13. shrooms all the way. it is by far my favorite psychedelic. acid dosent mind fuck enough and shrooms are much more spiritual. plus its half as long as an acid trip so you will have a not as long first trip
  14. acid hands down. Easier to handle for a beginner and much more fun and controllable experience than shrooms imo by far.
  15. Well, it seems like a got a few mixed answers. :D
  16. Shrooms do YOU.
    YOU do acid.
  17. Acid, for sure.
  18. I definitely see advantages for both.

    Shrooms: shorter trip, so if things aren't going great it will be over sooner.

    LSD: hard to explain, but I feel like I have more control over my emotions and my trip on LSD that I don't have on shrooms

    Either one will be fantastic if you go in with a positive attitude with people that you enjoy being around. My first time was on two hits of LSD and I loved it.
  19. i'd say shrooms, only because it's alot shorter so if you don't like it you at least don't have to experience it for so long (I doubt it, there both fun) but stock up on acid while you can, that shit seems to be rare just about everywhere

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