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acid or shrooms for the first time?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Thebaketrain, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. ok- i have a few extra bucks and im not sure what to try.

    ive never done psychadellics. period. ive smoked weed and done addys and vicoden. im leaning towards acid for a few reasons-

    its gonna be easier to find. i know someone who has already told me they can get acid or ecstacy. so yeah. im thinking acid cause of that.

    i look forward to visuals- not nesicarilly being totally incoherent, where you think your somewhere totally different. i hear a lot more about visuals on acid.

    my only thing is that it seems like acid COULD be a bit more jarring and possibly induce a bit of an unpleasent trip. i dunno. i think you get what im saying.
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    clean acid is not the easiest to find. Hopefully if you do pick acid you'll get to experience the real clean stuff.

    Shrooms on the other hand, you can grow them yourself with hardly any effort. shroomery.org for info, ralphstersspores.com for spore syringes

    with homegrown shrooms, at least you know exactly what you're getting. With acid it's hit or miss, though you could ask someone experienced who's taken that particular batch if it's clean and they'll know what that means.

    Everything else aside, I actually prefer clean acid to shrooms, but again, it's not common to find super clean.

    shrooms will give you ALL encompassing visuals with the right dose and strain. I've had stronger visuals on shrooms, but they're easier to achieve dosewise with acid. IF you grow your own shrooms, you can read strain reviews and grow those most catered to your tastes.
  3. ^ I kinda dont agree with you sir.

    The content of the shrooms depends heavily on how well they were grown.

    I find acid to produce more visuals while shrooms produce more of a body high.

    For a first timer, regardless of your preferance, id suggest shrooms, mostly because they last like half as long. If you don't like them at least on shrooms you will be ok in like 4 hours. With acid you better enjoy the 8 hour ride...
  4. ive heard that you should go with shrooms as they are less...intense.

    but im going for acid off the bat, call me crazy. just gotta find some...
  5. Acid for your first time since it's more user friendly and a "happier" sort of experience.

    Don't get me wrong, shrooms are my first and my truest love but they can also send someone for a loop on their first time... Where as with LSD I find it much easier for a first timer to control his or her trip and to have a good time, on a low dose of course.

    Mushrooms can be pretty unwieldy and out of control I find for beginners.
  6. If you can get acid then do that. Its cheaper than shrooms and lasts longer, and in my opinion is a better trip.
  7. I say acid, although I have never taken shrooms. But cid is deff a good time. My boyfriend bought me this huge painting of flowers from habitat for humanity and when we would trip the flowers just keeeppptt blooming. It was utterly beautiful, I mean who wouldn't want to see somthing like that? Plus our tanning bed was trippy as fuck.
  8. yeah lucy is a lot easier to control, and overall less intense than shrooms. Go for the lucy if you can find it.
  9. i did acid before shrooms
    really intense
    but i loved every second of it (seconds feel like years haha trippers no what i mean)
    your mind moves like a million miles per hour
    i do think that it is a bit too long
    i get really good acid that lasts 12 hours so it feels like forever
    have fun
    hopefully it goes good
  10. I would choose acid. For me, LSD is a more... user friendly experience... More euphoria, depending on the dose, less intense, cheaper,and less life changing.

    LSD is a more fun trips as where shrooms is a more intense and introverted one.
    Both are amazing, but I started with LSD, and would recommend the same for anyone. Also, if you start with shrooms, take an eighth. Trust me, an eighth is always the right amount. Less you won't get the full experience, more and you may have a bad trip. It's considered a high dose, but I have faith that you can handle it. Good luck!
  11. there's only one thing you have to know to decide...

    do you want to do acid?

    or do you want shrooms to do you?
  12. hey that's cool, we can agree to disagree ;) very subjective, these things.

    I'm sure there's more overlap than non in our experiences actually, i was broadly generalizing. I think we'd both agree though that super clean acid can be hard to find.

    He could always grow pan cyan if there's any doubt about the shroom's visual efficacy ;)
  13. a full eighth for his first time ?

    not with the shrooms i remember, or maybe i'm just a wuss. we used to split up eighths two ways (heavy eighths three-ways even) and completely sling nuts for hours. Different strains i guess.
  14. truth

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