Acid or rolls?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Crownic, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I have't done either, but I just found a dealer who sells them! Its 10$ a blotter, sounded a bit steep but I really don't know. Which one do you like the best? I'm going to be taking it alone ( regardless of what anyone here says, sorry but I have my reasons). And should I smoke bud on it?
  2. $10 for a tab is legit. I'd get the acid, you'll be ok doing it alone as long as you don't freak yourself out, having weed will help.
  3. if its legit good cid it will be amazing

    take like 2 at least your first time
  4. Lsd for sure, or get both? And deffinitly smoke weed on either one.

    May I ask why you want to take it alone? Your going to want someone to talk and socialize with on E. And a sitter is a good idea on acid.
  5. Take both for a good combo. :ey:

    True, rolling alone is boring
  6. Which ever you pick, do it with someone else, it's a lot more fun. For acid, it's also good to have someone with you so that he can help you out if you start panicking
  7. depends on whether you want to get fucked up and feel good and outspoken and party.. or you wanna trip and see some shit..

    both e and fry are real dank :)
  8. Acid if you're doing it alone hands down. Ecstasy is a social drug, stupid to do alone.
  9. ok I'm probably going to do acid. Mixing them seems like a bit to much for me, I haven't even done either of them. And the reason I'm doing them alone is I don't know anyone who would do them with me.. Nobody is into that kinda stuff around here.
  10. If u insist on doing it alone id just get rolls. only time i tripped on acid i freaked out, rolls arent as psychedelic, but still super fun... just dont do too many, its like ice cream scoops out of ur brain :eek:
  11. No no no.

    MDMA is a waste without someone special, be it a girlfriend or a best bud. Acid can give you insight into yourself, especially if you are alone.
  12. I couldn't imagine doing either alone...
  13. QFT. Unless you can go hang with people, don't roll because it won't even be enjoyable.

  14. Don't listen to this fool, one tab depending on the strength is enough for your first time. If you do two or me be very cautious for an insane ride, and possibly overwhelming. Prepare yourself for your eyes to play tricks on you, and you can't control it.

    I would take the roll, depending on which roll it is.
  15. acid, and weed is a must.

    i like rolling more personally, but it doesn't seem like that'd be a drug to do alone in your room.
  16. The rolls she said are supermans.. Are those known for anything? I live by vancouver.
  17. Neither Get Some Funky Ass "Purple Kush"
  18. Yeah blue and orange supermans are apparently bunk rolls so I guess if she shows me them I'll just pass up? they are 5$ a roll

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