[ACID] No idea what to do here.

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  1. Ok, so I just picked up 3 blotters of acid. I have no clue how to take them. I have searched and searched, i read somewhere that you should place them ON your tounge, and another place said you should place them UNDER your tounge. One more place said that you should put it in water and then drink the water. Well what should I do? thanks for your help.
  2. DON'T PUT IT IN THE WATER!!!!! put the tabs under your tongue. Trust me.
  3. So under?
    or on top of your tounge
  4. Either works. Under the tongue may have a slightly faster absorbtion. If you have any open sores in your mouth, put it on that and you'll start tripping ASAP.
    I'd go under the tongue, that's wehre your saliva ducts are so you might intake faster.
  5. Under your tongue and let them dissolve.
  6. shiit put one on top one on the bottem n the the other in your ass haha..
  7. Step 1: make small slit in head.
    Step 2: place tab on cut.
    Step 3: put bandana over to hold in place.
    Step 4: trip balls and make amazing music.

    Hope I don't get banned or warned for this. I do not advise to do this. It's a Hendrix refrence.
  8. Just put em in your mouth, over the tougne, under the tounge, whatever.
  9. I remember people putting them in their eye, but that was back when they had really good acid.:)
    Just put it in your mouth, it will get to your brain.
  10. Cut off your pinky finger and put it in the open wound.

    Yeah, under the tongue mate.
  11. Should I take it on an empty stomach? or does it matter?
  12. Lower the stomach contents faster the trip. I don't think LSD makes much difference though honestly.
  13. cool. any other advice?
  14. And don't worry, you'll be fine. Enjoy!

  15. i read a trip report that some guy made a small cut on his tounge and he placed the blotter right on the cut and he started tripping like 30 seconds later. But if you don't want to cut youself i always herd that under the tounge is the best place
  16. Between your gum and cheek man.
  17. under your tongue then after like 5 mins swallow the paper

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