acid (need answers)

Discussion in 'General' started by spare tire, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. whos done acid

    whats it like

    i heard it was better than schroooms

    whats the high like

  2. I can not stress this enough. You don't want to end up like my first acid trip and have the damn Hulk crawl out of a poster and chase you around. But it was kind of fun.... :D
  3. I have not tripped on acid since the turn of the century.( I like being able to say that these days) However, the several times I tripped in the 90s were all verry fun. Lots of friends who will not let you lose control. You have to give yourself over to your instincts. Read LSD-25:RES IPS LOQUITOR. A great article by Hunter S. Thompson. Also, one thing to think about in this year of our lord 2003, all the best formulas for turning LSD into acid have pretty much died with those who didnt do it for profit but for conscience expanding. The modern formulas seem to be harsher... More chemicals.....

    chemical name is LSD if you didnt know, so click on that.. read some experiences, and everything else you can, so you wont be taken by suprise.. well, complete suprise anyways....
  5. Yes, please do. Im excited and nervous for it but I think I can handle it. Im gettin some acid tommorrow, probably 2 hits of it. And some opium. I love shrooms, and I think I will enjoy acid just as much.
  6. i like it best when i trip face by myself. when i'm around other people they keep trying to talk to me and it ruins my trip. i like to just let my mind go and completely lose touch with reality (what's the point of trippin otherwise?). so i'll take like 10 hits of acid and just lay in my room and see where my mind goes. i've had some intense experiences... once i got scared and thought i died and went to hell. eventually that stopped though. it wasn't the burning brimstone... it was just really lonely and unhappy... angry colors, etc.

    basically... just listen to what everyone else says about how to not get bummed and you should be fine.

    as for what i like best... acid... by far :D

  7. i gave a bit, but i linked him to an even more extensive library :)

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