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  1. Once I was on acid flipping through videos on youtube of videos to watch while on acid and I stumbled upon this music video of what seemed like a british rock band with a real skinny guy as the videos main actor. Like the video started out with the acid guy waking up from a party and he looks around his hotel room and his curtains move etc. Anyone know this video?
  2. damn i must know!!
  3. Something by MGMT?
  4. no it was like a 4-5 ppl band
  5. your lazy. I typed LSD in on youtube and it was like the 20th down. I can't post a link since I'm on my iPod
  6. is there a random hand who keeps putting tabs in people mouths ?? i know but i dont know the name
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    dude I know what your talking about ! ^^

    meds is the name of the song and placebo is the band
    you probably found it while typing lsd visuals or something like that

    Don't know why but youtube is fucking slow
    channels videos of meds placebo

    THE SHIT YOUR TALKING ABOUT (don't wanna load on my computer at the moment but the link will probably work):

    Peace bro ;)
  8. mgmt ftw

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