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  1. ok so saturday i took acid for the first time and hadnt done mushrooms before. it was the first thing ive tripped on since ambien like 2 years ago. i tripped fucking balls... so i took it again today, same dose same exact acid tabs... the trip was ok... mild at best.. so im wondering. if i wait until friday and double up will my trip be good? or will it still be lacking the emphasis my first trip had
  2. I'm guessing it will be about the same as you had today, because now your tolerance is even higher. Maybe if you waited from saturday to friday then doubled it would have been decent
    2-3 weeks is usually good enough for your tolerance to go down.
    Your receptors need time to repair and rebuild serotonin.
  3. It's because you didn't wait long enough before you tried to trip again. You're tolerance isn't back to zero for like a week, getting close at like 5 days but maybe as long as 10 days or even 2 weeks to be totally baseline, it's hard to say exactly.
  4. so if i wait until friday, which is pretty much 3 days now. and i double my dose. would you expect that i trip hard? i pretty much got these for free.. i got them real cheap for around here... 8$ a tab which is a fucking steal so i grabbed 10. so im selling 4 at 15 a pill and 3 to my friend for 20. so ill make my 80$ back and get 3 for free.. so even if the trip isnt as eventful its not a waste of my money
  5. prolly shudnt talk bout dealing, just a heads up

    i say wait atleasttt 1 full week.
  6. Eh, personally Id save them for at least a couple weeks when my tolerance is completely gone and a day comes that just feels like the perfect day to, but that's just me.. It's gotta be pretty rare that I come across some legit cid.
  7. well im not really dealing so im not worried about it. its all my friends that want to do it with me, people who i hang around with everyday.. ill be allset. i guess ill just wait and see what happens friday? if i take it i take it.. if not ill save it. thanks
  8. id say just save it man, especially if lucy doesnt come around very often where youre at. right now i have two and half strips of white on white that im saving. ill probably take 2 hits this saturday. i took a ton in the space of three days two weeks ago, well two weeks from this coming saturday.

    its been hard, but i need to give my brain time to reup on its own chemicals before i throw in some mind shenanigans
  9. well i actually just found out someone i talk to a few times every week can get it all the time.. im still not sure what im going to do. ill see what my friends want to do

  10. there u go

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