Acid Dreams: The Complete History of LSD

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by EuropeanVW, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Anyone ever read this book? I just got it today as a Valentine's Day present. Haven't finished it, but I've put a decent dent in it. It's all about LSD in the sixties, the CIA's involvement in LSD, Haight-Ashbury, the Summer of Love, and all that good stuff. Good read for anyone interested in the culture of the 60s.
  2. i remember seeing it on the errowid website, i bet its really interesting, i might have to read it someday...
  3. Mad interesting. I learned about a drug called BZ. Its a hallucinagenic that makes you trip hardcore. You peak for about 80 hours, and can feel the effects for up to six weeks. :eek:
  4. wow, sounds like something id do! lol
    as far as the book goes, i havent read it but i want to, i love stuff like that. and the history channel, go mail call. i love that guy whemn im baked. anyways, in the book does it also have descriptions of trips and so on, or is it all history?

  5. ever seen Jacob's Ladder?>
  6. I acutally went out and rented this book when I saw this thread way back when it was made.

    Read it, fucking great book. My knowledge of LSD increased like 1000 fold in the first 100 pages.... It is a great read if your into learning about drugs
  7. 80 hours? oh god dam
  8. how does anything stay in your body for over 80 hours?

  9. id assume the drug messes with something in your brain, so it pumps out whatever is making you trip for a long time. the drug is probably in you for only a day or so.

    just my guess, cant say ive ever heard of the drug before. dont think its something id ever be interested in.
  10. far out, sounds cool i'll keep my eyes open.
  11. the guy that wrote alice in wonderland did LSD
  12. that makes sense. It is a pretty fucking trippy story
  13. 80 hrs man thats crazy i will just keep to my swag which last like 3 hrs or less
  14. no i dont think he did LSD since LSD was created by Albert Hofman in ther late 1930's.... and Alice's Adventures In Wonderland was written in 1865ish....

    ...but as far as Alice In Wonderland goes... Lewis Carrol had a foundness for young girls ;)... the character alice was based on a little girl that lived next door to him... i think...
  15. Maybe he was thinking of opium, Opium was huge in the 1800's. Emerson was a huuuuge opium addict..and he lived back in those days. not sure why this thread made me think of emerson ..but it did...and you read this...way to go! :hello: :confused: :D

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