Acid at night?

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    I'm doing acid tonight for the first time. I'm planning on taking two hits at 10 pm and staying up all night. Will I still be able to stay up even if I'm tired? And is acid fun at night? I'm planning on staying in my backyard all night or maybe go inside and get in bed with a computer or a TV depending on what I feel like. Sound good?

    Also, is a bong too powerful while tripping? I can hit my bong like a champ but I was thinking a J or even vaping would be more enjoyable.
  2. Acid is fucking AMAZING at night
    And I'd go with the bong if I were you.
  3. trust me, you will not fall asleep...have fun and good vibes
  4. lucky! acid's amazing. miss that substance
  5. youll definitely be able to stay awake. i usually like to put on a movie or even two after the sun comes up (after dropping at say 10 or 11 pm) as the last of my visuals wear off. you can watch the movie, or just reflect while it plays, but it keeps everything from just being quiet and dull.

    also i dont usually smoke at all during the main part of the trip as it doesnt seem to do much, however, as you start to come down, smoking weed seems to brings the acid back up in me. so the movie watching time is a good time to smoke a few bowls.

    other than that, i recommend listening to some cool music on headphones, or on vinyl if you have it (youll enjoy the novelty, and the sound quality) the best thing about acid to me is music. ive seriously been close to tears listening to a david gilmour solo. check out some hendrix, beatles, or any other crazy psychedelic shit. thats what it was made for!

    anyways, have fun!
  6. i did what your planning on doing, it was an over alll good acid trip, do ittt +++vibes+++ good vibes brotha.
  7. i personally have always smoked after taking the tabs (about 20-30 minutes after) and during the trip and after the trip. whenever im tripping, smoking weed with a couple good friends is always so much fun.

    i smoked a volcano vape while tripping and that was really nice, but i rather hit a bong than anything else.
  8. OP, i did exactly that on wednesday night. 2 hits at 10 pm. i felt a little tired around 3 but i couldnt fall asleep. I didnt fall asleep and i wasnt tired at all the next day.

    Night tripping is fuckin awsome! just make sure that when you hear someone riding a bike past your window speaking gibberish, you realize that you are tripping and dont go looking for him :wave:

    edit: also, that bong is a great idea once you are about done peaking. A bowl or two will shoot you straight back up :hippie:
  9. It will be impossible to fall asleep if you take acid. Sleep is pretty much out of the question if you're on any kind of psychedelic.

    I personally prefer to take acid during the day, but the first time i ever took it was at night and it was a great time.

    Smoke alot of weed. It will keep you in a great mood and make the visuals more intense.
  10. one time i did 5 grams of shrooms, and i guess they were creepers or something because 2 hours atfer i ate them i till wasnt feeling anything, so i ended up passing out and low and behold i woke up mid trip it was fuckin weird to wake up and be in a completly diffrent state of mind

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