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  1. wow, that was actually pretty interesting. i definately plan on doing acid at somepoint in my life. i just need the right time and place.
  2. ^^^

    My thoughts exactly. Definately an interesting read. :D
  3. i want to try every drug, but no fuckin needles!!!!!!!!!!
  4. im pretty much on the same plane as adam and vw... that was really fun to read. makes me wanna try it sometime in a controlled environment like that, but with skateboarding. like, keep attempting a simple trick as time progresses.. that'd be fun!
  5. dude you'd probably fall on your ass and get upset and just give up if you tryed tricks on acid

    just carving around, on a nice wide board haha might be safer
  6. haha heres a pic i drew on acid when i was in school, its of myself in a weird altered form

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  7. the one he did at 2 hours and 45min was so sweet i really like that one
    btw adambc isnt adam the coolest name in the world
  8. Very interesting, i might have to try that, i look to try acid sometime in the future, after ive had a few more trips on shrooms first though.
  9. Very interesting read... wow

    Yes I too want to try a cid trip
  10. Wow, I really thought that more people here on the city have tried acid. I didn't know it was that dry everywhere. My area is dry of acid right now. It comes around every so often. But yeah, acid is an awesome drug. I couldn't even roll a joint when I was on acid, it took me like 25 min. I don't even wanna know what one of my drawings while on acid would look like.
  11. i tried acid once, DONT DO IT!

    i got stuck in the same moment for half an hour, when i came to, my friends had taped me to a flag pole after stripping me... it sucked ass.... its like, you would be just sitting there, and then your friend could get up and wave his dick in your face (if he was so inclined to do so...)) and you wouldnt see it, you would see him and anyone else, just sitting there, not moving, i tried it once after that, after a little convincing, and woah... all kinds of colors... then the bats came and invaded my house. kinda like in fear and loathing in las vegas, that movie is funny as shit

    "we cant stop here! ....... this is bat country!!!"
  12. ^ lol sounds like your friends have some very homosexual qualities, haha... damn, maybe you should just drop around people who wont strip and molest you and you'll enjoy it, lol...

  13. btw thats awesome, lol... i just find it interesting to see what people create when under the influence of something like lsd... even though i've never tried it.. but thats almost why, since you have a lose understanding through movies and the like, but still not sure.. okay stopping random ramble, peace lol...
  14. no, my friends are like the guys on jackass, only 10 times worse, ever had a weenie wake up? dont ask... but no, i tried it a 3rd time... it was wierd, i did see alot of scarey shit, the faces of my friends started to contort and get all funky, then i looked in the mirror.... i was scared because my face was all.... stretched. then... i dont know why, i just blacked out and woke up, all my friends were either asleep, or just smoking mj, my advice to you guys who havent tried it, do it with someone who isnt going to do it, but has done it before so he (or she) will know how to help you if they can, and also, lock yourself in a room or something, dont put any sharp objects or potential weapons around you, about a week ago my friend game over... after like, i dont know how many milligrams of acid, but he was acting f'ed up, he had a knife and was like, running around my room stabbing "the bugs" on the walls... oh well, its not my house anyways, its an apartment. lol
  15. thanks grassroots, haha finally somebody gave me some feedback on my drawing, i got a few more but i doubt any of you wanna see em, cuz i've done acid quite a few times

    but on a more evil note, i jus ingested 3/4 of a seed pod worth of seeds from a datura plant, whoopey, maybe i'll draw a picture if i can figure out how to use a pen.
  16. aight well heres some more pics, both of em were done in school, the datura is startin to take effect cuz i'm hot as fuck.

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  17. and heres another one, no i wasnt havin a bad trip but i was thinkin wat it would be like and heres wat i thought up.

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  18. Acid is some scary shit, if you have a bad trip like I did.

    One other thing. In your mind, if you are thinking you'll have a bad trip you will guys. Bad trips are hell, they really are, and thats why psychedelics aren't worth it unless you're 100% positive you know who you are with won't fuck with you and you know your surroundings. Good trips on acid can go bad easy.
  19. that is soooo true, the thing where i got stuck in one moment, that was my first time, and i kept thinking i was gonna have a bad trip.....

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