acid and drug tesst

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  1. so i know i can be tested for acid, how long will LSD stay in my system? especaily for lab tests
  2. ur trippin u can only test for fry with a spinal tap which is probably not gunna happen to you ha acid dosnt shoow up on any tests
  3. but i know u can test for acid in your urine if its sent to the lab, even mushrooms can be detected now
  4. yeah mushrooms can but acid cant
    fry wont show up unless they go in ur spine because thats the only place it stays in ur body
    other drugs store in fatty cells and urine etc so it shows up in drug tests but acid wont
  5. ooo alrite i got a little less then 30 days left on my probation that ive been on for like ever. The reason i got those extra days is alchool (possible alchoolic, sad i know) so i decided acid would be a safter alternative. and i just want to make the best desicions i can, stoped with the hydros, havent smoked in months, haven drank in 2-3 weeks, and thats about the extent of my drug use soo why not try acid if its safe huh?
  6. i know people who say psychadelics help them with their addiction so this will probably help you with your alcoholism if you can handle your trip the right way
    make sure you have time and a chillin spot to run around and tripp n shit and im sure youl have a good time
    good luck!
  7. thanks mannn:) i seem to handle my mushrooms quite well and my room is my fav place to shrooms, if i get the bank for the fry ill post my experince:)

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