Acid all night and day?

Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. So its 1030 and I just dropped 3 hits of acid, Im planning on tripping all night and then taking 3 or 4 more tomorrow morning around 7, and then tripping all day and passing out when Im done. ANyone ever do this? What should I expect?
  2. i wouldnt suggest it... your not going to trip nearly as hard during the day tomorro, in my mind its a waste of money... and IMO 24hours is way too long to be in that state of mind.. but if thats wat u want have fun :D
  3. Man, I fryed for a day straight off of three blotters....It was the best thing tho, when I finally started to come down I felt hippyish and was saying dude and hip and shit like that haa.FUN DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well, I just took 2 I know have 5 hits in me. I mainly did it because Ive never had a heavy acid experience. I guess Ill just be up till 10am now and if Im up for it Ill wont go to sleep till tomorrow night:wave:

  5. Hey, if you have winamp turn on the visualation called uhhhhhh milkdrop....Its hella trippy set to some good music!
  6. I've do this all the time for up to two weeks at a time. But if you really want to extend your trip then take more when you're peaking and it'll extend another 6-8 hours. If you take it in the morning you're tolerance will have sky rocketed and won't start going down for another 24 hours. So 3-4 hits will feel like 1-2 hits for the rest of the day. But that WILL be on top of after-glow so you'll still be good... just not the same intensity as the night trip. I'd take 2 and then 4... that's a better combo for what you're trying to do.
  7. well if u wouldnt have already dropped the 3 i woulda told u to drop 2 and then tomorrow at 7 drop 6 more :D or if u were me just take all 8 at once n trip-e long time, but its to late now, ur gonna be fuckin hatin life comin down, better find some valium/xanax/klonopin/ativan on ur trip cuz theres gonna be a period of time when ur not trippin and ur super tired but cant sleep for about 4-5 hours comin down and ur gonna need the chill pills
  8. Damn so I ended up taking 6 hits last night, it was crazy. Me and my friends that werent tripping walked all the way to the beach which is like 2 hours away lol it was really fun. Then I took 3 hits around 6am, and Im still barely tripping now around 12pm...well now I have 5 more for next weekend.

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