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  1. I took a teddygram with a hit of acid about an hour and 30 minutes ago. Not too much is happening.
    I had a slightly full stomach when I took it...
    When should I take another?
    I think I'm feeling gutsy XP
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    the dealer say how much LSD is on each teddy gram? just one hit.
    if so id say dose now. 2 hits should be fine, might be a bit longer of a upcome due to a full stomach.

    enjoy and positive vibes.:D.
  3. take another and put music on that makes you happy.
  4. Still not seen any crazy things, but I'm doing better that I took the other one.
  5. hopefully it was legit lsd and not a research chem,
    enjoy your trip! good vibes yo way....
  6. Thought I'd give you guys an update.
    So I was in an amazing headspace, but I had this horrid headache and it was starting to bring me down, I was sweating and clammy and dizzy and sick.
    Then I started freaking and throwing up and stuff.
    I think it was the pizza and the bad food we had.
    I rested in the dark for a bit (still trippin mind you) And now I feel MUCH better. I was thinking it was the combination of it being daylight, I was overstimulated with icky undercooked food (the pizza crust was kinda soft and really shitty quality) and a headache.
    Now my mind is clear, I'm sparking up some glowsticks and a big bowl of shake and I'm going to take on whatever this trip has left for me. Cause thats what I intended to do!

    Everyone else is fine and tripping tho, so I'm sure we got LSD, but bad timing on my part with the full stomach and shitty food afterward.
    Only tripping empty stomachs and good fresh food (fruit?) from now on!

  7. daytime! hope ur outside walkin around
  8. Probably should've walked outside, but the heat really spiked there for a while too.
    Either way it was all good. I got experience for next time lol.

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