ACHTUNG: Important announcement from Sir Elliot concerning Star Trek Online

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Sir Elliot, Jan 14, 2010.

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    The NDA is lifted, and now it's in open beta.

    This game is so fucking awesome in ways that my feeble mind could not comprehend before I was exposed to its awesomeness. Were the game any more awesome anyone playing the game would, upon completion of the tutorial, become a being of pure energy, transcend the bounds of reality, and ascend to godhood among the pantheon of Mt. Olympus.

    It's just that good. Pretty much every star trek game ever has been bad. Really bad. Terribad. Earthquake in Haiti bad ("what, too soon?"). This game makes up for all of it. ALL OF IT.

    This now concludes my announcement. That will be all.

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