Discussion in 'General' started by Sage of Salvia, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. iv had a headach for 3 days, and no green to help me out...this sucks, i sleep like 20 hours a day
  2. three day headaches are good reason for a trip to the doctor, if it keeps happening find out why
  3. yeah 3 day headaches arent somethin to fuck with..... see a doctor and he shud give you some shit that will make your head numb......
  4. well, my moms a nurse, and i told her about it today since im getting worried, she doped me up pretty good, its not as bad as it was before i can listen to music and walk around now.
  5. A friend of mine had a 3 day headache once...

    It turned out to be a sinus infection that was slowly eating into his skull...

  6. great, anyway im going to the hosptial today, hope they dont drug test me >x(

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