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Achieving most resin from cigarette one hitter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by charper2013, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I need to know how to achieve the most resin out of the piece.. Its metal so could I boil it and strain the water and smoke the remains? I cant just res hit it.. Way too hot.. What do you guys do the get resin out of these things??

    Sorry for the newbish post.. Fucked up on some other shit :hello:

    Thanks guys
  2. try scraping it out with a paper clip
  3. Best so far. Thanks bud :hello:
  4. basically ya, just scrape it the best you can and pack a "bowl" of just resin.

    I can't stand resin though and would rather not smoke than smoke resin, it makes me tired and tastes like poo.
  5. if it's a cigarette size/shape, then use a wooden skewer instead. a skewer fits just perfectly down it and wipes it perfectly clean.
    hold a lighter underneath your one hitter to heat it and the resin up
    slide skewer all the way through
    collect resin
    smoke it (i just throw it away personally)
  6. Just heat it up with a lighter for a few moments so the rez loosens up and go to town with a paperclip. This works the best
  7. ive never seen this method on any website ever, but its super easy, obtains resin, but is a little hard to explain.

    im making a thread about it now, will brb with a link
  8. just heat it up for a second, then wipe your paper clip in it, pull it out and good lord youll be set!!! onies resin up so much and they are very easy to clean. not really clean 100 percent, but get the resin out, not the thin layers but if you got a nice coat youll get a ton
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