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acetone vs weed particles.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeyjays420, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. so no one knows if its best to mix with water, do outside, pour straight in, use salt, etc?!?!
  2. Acetone is bad for you, if youre trying to make a hash, use butane and then eliminate it when youre dont.

    Acetone is the prime ingredient in Nail polish remover and Paint Thinner. Which is what you are going to be smoking, in its liquid form it is not nearly as bad as when its burned off.
  3. hash??? im trying to clean my pipe and get that piece of weed to dissolve

    A alcohol is needed, there is a sticky, on how to clean your piece, I think you need Alcohol polypropylene or whatever.
  5. not uncommon at all to use acetone for his.

    ^^guy above think iso is not bad for you??
  6. LMFAO!!!! Smooth movez bro, put's fuckin' Acetone in it... If your bong didn't fall apart/crack/melt, put some sea salt and 50-99% isoprophyl alcohol in it. Best thing ever :)

    Good luck!
  7. Yes, Acetone is god awful for you. I have NEVER heard of it being used to clean pipes, in fact in the stickied guide to cleaning your pipes it clearly states not to use it.

    Melt your fucking brains.

    im searching the forums for the guide atm, It was stickied in apprentice on my phone but I cant find it atm. I will keep looking and post the text & link.

    EDIT: Ninja'd

    Thank you!!! isoprophyl is what I was thinking of! Acetone is used as a hallucinogen in Spice and k2/k3. + Rep to guy above me!

  8. thanks, but i'm not some complete moron that has never smoked before. I know damn well how to clean glass....i'm just saying these pieces of tree have been stuck in the perc for months and i cant get them out. i would love to hear one of your all star solutions as to how to get the shit to dissolve enough to fit through the percs.

  9. Acetone is TERRIBLE for you, I soaked a filter in it once (without gloves cause apparently I have D-syndrome) and my hands were numb for like 3 days ahah. If you inhale that shit (which I have by accident) it burns like a mother fucker and makes you feel like your gonna pass out, if you wanna clean your bong with Acetone, and you don't think it's harmful well.. go ahead bro, not like you got many brain cells to lose!
  10. Too be honest you could have saved that mans life, who's to say he didnt try it with acetone, soaked that piece of weed, gives up and lights up a few days later and burns a pipe tainted with large amounts of Acetone and just straight up goes into respiratory arrest, it has happened. You literally could have saved his life. I can not +rep you enough.
  11. yet not smoking with acetone in the bong. im going to clean it. what happened to this site being helpful?? you are all just a bunch of morons...i never asked anyone's opinion in regards to whether it was good for you or not. all i asked was if it would break down the weed small enough for it to pass through the perc. damn

    like im going to soak the shit in acetone and then smoke out of it after running water through it once.
  12. Acetone is never used as a hallucinogen:smoke:
  13. Bro, if you smoke paintchips it gets you high. If you huff the acetone out of pain thinner, you get high. I overdosed on acetone when smoking Headtrip and nearly had a heart attack after vomiting on myself for over 3 hours. I nearly suffocated in my own bile vomit.

    This is what bile looks like when vomited, although my was orange and yellow.

  14. I like you, your good :).

    Ease up on the defense brotha dog, I just don't think anyone wants to fuck up their piece with acetone or anything, not to mention it would probably take quite a bit of work with water to get the taste/smell fully out! I am not trying to be a dick to you, I am just telling you, try 99% isoprophyl alcohol and sea salt, I can almost guarantee you it will get in there and take it out, the sea salt acts as an abrasive, it worked on my diffused pieces.
  15. #16 LETTUCE CHIEF, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Bro, i know a person who usrs acetone to clean his pieces. He basnt died yet but is probably the stupidest person i know.

    Were telling you not to use acetone to help you out. We care. It wasnt meant to be inhaled and cleaning your pieces with it will leave residue.

    Sounds like you need to either use air from a air compressor and blow that shit out, or use a hose and hopefully the water pressure will make it come out. Ive had a piece of cat treat in my bong perc before(didnt have salt and cat trwats wete the next best available abrasive) i just but my bong under the tub and the wayer pressure eventually broke it down and it came out.
  16. Yes you could use acetone, its a very efficient cleaner but after you use it clean it a few times with water and soap until theirs no acetone smell.
  17. not to be a dick but that's not some secret trick...if i have had it stuck in there for months, don't you think i've tried that?

    @ Banshee
  18. Sorry for trying to help dick cheddar. Have fun with your clogged perc.
  19. Look man, I understand were you are coming from, but everyone here is looking out for YOUR safety, and we are going out of our way to see to it you dont die or make your braincells blow their nucleus out with the figurative "Agent Orange" you are about to use.

    We dont have to warn you, everything we are telling you comes from personal experience, To be honest, its no skin-off-our-asses if you fucking die, but we don't want that to happen.

    I would buy a new piece before I resorted to that. Fuck, I would ask a police officer to try and piss it out before I used acetone.

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