Acetone Stem Extraction

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  1. Ok so about 2 days ago i filled a mason jar completely full of stems of low-moderate quality, filled it up the the top full of acetone and put it in a dark place. It's been in there for about 2 days now and i was wondering how long should i let it sit before evaporating it? Also the stems arnt chopped up and the acetone is turned a bright green color
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    I am not familiar with this method of...extraction. Please clarify/give link to where you found this info...never seen anything on GC about using acetone, or letting it sit for so long. What exactly are you trying to make?

    If you're going for hash you've done it wrong, I believe, as far as QWISO goes. Isopropyl Alcohol ONLY is used for any QWISO Hash methods, not acetone, and you don't let it sit for that long.

    Hopefully you and/or someone else can get in here to clear things up a bit more.

    EDIT: under the assumption you're going for some hash, I read through the guides...if you're using PURE Acetone (not nail polish remover bullshit) then I guess it's okay, but you definitely don't let it sit for any longer than 30 seconds if you try to make hash.
  3. Dunno, dude. Never heard of this method so I can't discredit or credit it at all. I wouldn't do it though. That goopy shit is gross, I've gotten it from a botched batch of QWISO and it was no good.

    I wouldn't use Acetone, first off. Did you use PURE acetone or nail-polish remover?

    The polish remover has all sorts of extra, crappy chemicals in it. ISO Alc is much MUCH cleaner, and better for extracting THC. Easier to get a hold of too.

    Hopefully someone 'round the city has done this and can help you out.
  4. Pure acetone, ill let you know the result one i evaporate it, but im already favoring other techniques.
  5. Done it yesterday, leafs and stems in the acetone, 3 days, filter, use a small round glass bowl, than let it rest to evaporate, half a jar on green no buds, and... OMG

    It's like a tablespoon full of oil! This results better than ISO but you can do a thing to purify, when your acetone is evaporated put a little bit of alcohol 96% on the oil, same size, and let hit evaporate again, basically this will purify the bottom of the bowl with the most pure oil, brown oil, honey, and the walls of the bowl will be dark green, a less potent oil, but good to!

    The evaporation process will take 3 or 4 days, put in on a shade dark place, with air.

    To remove the oil from the tray use a round knife or a spatula. Save it on a tin foil or metal box, but small.

    Or better than this, save some good leaves of your tree and dry them, then grind them to make a powder. Make a mix of this powder and the oil, work with your fingers, make a ball or a square, and there you have the most potent hash that a man can do.
  6. are you sure acetone is a safe solvent that doesn't leave nasty shit behind???
  7. Acetone as in fucking nail-polish remover???
    That in no way, shape, or form, sounds like a good idea.

    It is not terribly toxic - but even so, I would stick with the more tried and true methods.
  8. I have heard was told that acetone evaporates completely and its safe and nail poilish remover is bad because of the other additives that dont completely evaporate

  9. ^^ Yeah ^^

    Iso Alcohol is good because it never has any extra additives...and it does a great job, at a lot of things (hash, cleaning pipes, evaporating, etc etc)
  10. yeah 91% iso alcohol with only water as the other active ingredient should be used. no other substances that could be binded to the hash inself

  11. How is it better than ISO?

    Can you provide an chemical/physical evidence that this process works as well as QWISO methods?

    The most potent hash that man can do has nothing to do with chemicals, I would say, man. The most potent hash results from an abundant amount of trichomes fallen off of some buds...that's pure THC, my friend, those that shit down, and that is a treat. No added chemicals/additives...just pure nature's goodness, ya know.
  12. it doesnt work as well as qwiso. hellb is full of some type of crazy shit and its leaking out all over the forum. a friend did this years ago and it made a gooey nasty fucked up oily substance. itwas probably toxic.

    seriously do not do this. QWISO or BHO ftw.... this for the lose..
  13. Acetone it's safe!
    It completely evaporates, believe it or not, it's safe.

    Read this: A1B2C3

    "Completely soak the leaf with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol for about 4 or 5 days. Or use acetone, instead of isopropyl alcohol. THC is super soluble in acetone, soak the ground-up leaves in acetone, then distill it off. Best purity from any solvent I've ever tried."

    I've made this process myself and i'm no NUB and no kid.
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    Read this: Wikipedia
    "Acetone is the organic compound with the formula OC(CH3)2. This colorless, mobile, flammable liquid is the simplest example of the ketones. Owing to the fact that acetone is miscible with water it serves as an important solvent in its own right, typically as the solvent of choice for cleaning purposes in the laboratory."

    "Acetone is used as a solvent by the pharmaceutical industry and as a denaturation agent in denatured alcohol. Acetone is also present as an excipient in some pharmaceutical products."

    "In the laboratory, acetone is used as a polar aprotic solvent in a variety of organic reactions."

    "Acetone evaporates rapidly, even from water and soil. Once in the atmosphere, it is degraded by UV light with a 22-day half-life."

    And more:
    "One of the ketone bodies formed in the body in fasting. It is a metabolically useless side-product of fat metabolism, but detection of acetone in blood, urine, or breath may be clinically useful in cases of diabetes, as a means of detecting ketosis. Also used as a solvent, e.g. in varnishes and lacquer. Chemically dimethyl ketone or propan-2-one."

    "Simplest and most important ketone (CH3COCH3). It is a colourless, flammable liquid, boiling at 133 F (56.2 C). Many fats, resins, and organic materials dissolve easily in it, so it is used to make artificial fibres, explosives, resins, paints, inks, cosmetics (including nail-polish remover), coatings, and adhesives. Acetone is used as a chemical intermediate in pharmaceuticals and many other compounds."

    "Accidentally drinking small amounts of acetone/nail polish remover is unlikely to harm you as an adult. However even small amounts can be dangerous to your child, so it is important to keep this and all household chemicals in a safe place."

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    That's nice n all...but why use acetone over alcohol? How easy is it to get pure, clean acetone compared to a $1 botle of Iso Alc? What exactly are the benefits...would you get more THC from Acetone Hash than Iso?

    That website you gave is nice ( thing...), too, but it does not seem reliable...there is no author information or citations. I mean, it gives a lot of information, but no citatios as to where the infor was obtained, or experiment examples. And it just gives directions without precautions and strict safety measurements...Iso Alc and Acetone are both verrry flammable and explosive (acetone moreso than alc). Thanks though, it does provide some interesting reading..

    Thanks for the are on your way to convincing us, maybe.
  16. ...I was going to use nuclear waste to extract THC from some stems and seeds, do you think it be safe to do?

  17. What does half-life have to do with this?
    We are using a solvent to dissolve the trichomes then evaporate cleanly and quickly, which acetone, iso and many other though more rare solvents do. Iso has a 2-20 day half-life but why the hell would you care, it's in the air not your hash.

    Acetone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  18. i was thinking the same
  19. I've made hash using acetone before!

    How to:

    First you need a glass jar full of ganja and acetone. Enough acetone to completely saturate the ganj. Shake the begeezus out of it to loosen the crystals. You may want to freeze the ganja first, though it's not neccesary.

    -Let it soak for a bit.


    -Bring a gallon of water to a boil.
    -Give your acetone/ganja mixure another shake for good measure.
    -Put your acetone/ganja mixture into a smallish pyrex dish of some sort.
    -Pour the boiling water into an even larger pyrex dish.
    -Now, place the dish of acetone/ganja into the dish of boiling water. You might want to wear safety goggles for this, because the boiling point of acetone is so low, a crazy chemical reaction will happen and the acetone will RAPIDLY evaporate, leaving you with an pyrex dish covered in hash.
    -Now, all you have to do is scrape the gummy goodness up with a razor blade, and let it cure for a few days.

    Hope this helps you guys out!

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