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  1. in the uk and have 1 plant small pc grow about a week of harvest now on my first grow and have seen that people have been using 100% acetone to create the hash oil from the waste from the plants and was wondering if this is a good method to use? i've read it dissolves more plant matter than just the chemicals what you want so is darker green oil but dont know that this really matters? would anyone recommend a cheap/better alternative to using acetone

  2. You can use 91-99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It will only turn out green if you soak the material really long. Freeze your material and solvent of choice separately for at least 24hr before extracting to keep the chlorophyll locked out and wash quickly
  3. would i be better using isopropyl alcohol over acetone then?
  4. I would personally use the isopropyl. Make sure to purge it on 100-120F heat for a few hours after the liquid is gone. How much trim do you think you'll have?
  5. ok thanks and no idea its only very small with being in a pc case and got a week left but more and more of the leaves are getting brown spots mostly around the bud sites which i think is down to using the wrong nutrients assuming that will still be useable though and got a bag of about 3g of the trimmings of another plant a mate gave me was going to chuck this in with it 
  6. For the first 30 years I used isopropyl, but for the last 10 years I have used Acetone. I prefer the acetone.
  7. Care to elaborate a little more on that? Can't leave us wondering why
  8. I'd use the Iso, personally. You just get a bottle and it's 91% alcohol and 9% water. It all evaporates without smell (for me anyway). I don't know what is in Acetone. It may be one of those things where it's a different high because of some chemicals in the Acetone, but that's not the high I want. All natural, baby. :)
  9. Acetone contains... well.. acetone. lol assuming you have a good reagent grade 99-100%
    I've never tried it myself and have been reluctant to try so because of acetones toxicity. It is a Ketone, I dont know how well those are for extrations like this but i know hydrocarbons are exceptional solvents as well as alcohols.
    One day I will try an acetone extraction, probably with my pressurized ISO tube lol and when I have a proper vac setup.
  11. I've made oil from acetone out of nugs I have to purge I have a griddle what what you think would be a good purge time for a 6 gram puck of like a hard taffy like wax and also what temp should I use
  12. I've made oil from acetone out of nugs I have to purge I have a griddle what what you think would be a good purge time for a 6 gram puck of like a hard taffy like wax and also what temp should I use
  13. I also would be very reluctant to use acetone due to toxicity.  I imagine you would need a good vacuum chamber to do it safely.  91% Rubbing alcohol works fine and evaporates relatively fast.  That being said, what were your reasons for switching to acetone and what is your method for extraction and removal of acetone from the final product?  I'm always open minded to new ideas  :bongin:
  14. yeah I wouldnt mess with it.
     idk what your 'puck' looks like but it should be spread as thin as possible to purge.
  15. Nail polish remover? That sounds sketchy.....
    ISO is poisonous enough. Not to mention imho, ISO tastes like poo! Butane produces and much tastier product. Js. Rock on how ever you want, as long as you do it right and safe.

  16. Well the metabolite of isopropyl alcohol is acetone in the doesn't really matter. In short I would actually say that acetone is less harmfull. But the taste of acetone is much stronger than isopropyl alc. But overall if you evaporate both to maximum then they are both quiet safe.
  17. Hers a picture of. Some dabs I made with acetone received_440164483213247.jpeg

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