acetaminophen question :o

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  1. ok i take pills once a week i got a tollerance tho and i took 6 of this tram stuff with tylenol in it. i hear alot of people taking 6-8 t3's at a time those have the same amount of tylenol as this stuff. am i gonna get really sick? i heard this stuff builds up and becomes toxic over time am i reading bullshit? just curious cause when you get sick from this stuff its bad worse then anal rape bad :eek: hopfully im just high and tripping balls :p atleast im stoo scared to take too much lol
  2. too much tylenol can damage your kidneys over time if you constantly take a lot of it
  3. When I take my mother's 800MG IB profen they are too strong and I usually end up throwing up. I believe it has 800mg of acet


  4. It's either Ibuprofen or Acetominophen...not likely both.
  5. just do a cold water extraction for it, because the acetomophen will fuck up your liver or kidneys(cant remember which one), but if taken high doses can cause internal bleeding and everything

    just crush the pills into a powder, and have some cold water in a glass cup(doesnt need to be glass but it keeps it colder), put the powder in the water, and set it in the fridge for like 15 minutes
    powder will be on top of the water, and just scoop that off, and drink the water(wont taste that great though, pretty bitter)

    the hydrocodone will have obsorbed into the cold water, and because u god rid of all the powder u removed the acetomophen, and are just taking the pure opiates due to it being able to absorb into cold water

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